Cartoon Commemorates Shuttle Program


“Red and Rover” pay tribute to the space shuttle program, racing alongside the space shuttle as it lands for the final time later this year. Cartoonist and space exploration supporter Brian Basset created this commemorative drawing for NASA, to honor the shuttles. A poster commemorating the program’s 30th anniversary will feature Basset’s cartoon and a patch selected as part of a contest among NASA employees to honor the program.

“The U.S. space program has been the one constant throughout my entire life,” Basset said. “I was humbled and honored when given the opportunity to create the art for the commemorative Space Shuttle Program 30th anniversary poster.”

“Red and Rover” is a great cartoon series about the unconditional love between a boy and his dog. The two often dream of going to space together. But it won’t be on a space shuttle.

Download a copy of the cartoon/poster, and learn more about the it and Basset at this NASA link, and the press release.