Webb Telescope FAQs

How is the James Webb Space Telescope different than the Hubble Space Telescope? What will JWST be looking for when it begins operating? In this short video, NASA astrophysicist Dr. Amber Straughn answers questions, and offers facts and images to explain what the Webb Space Telescope will tell us about the cosmos.

7 Replies to “Webb Telescope FAQs”

  1. She is hotter than sun. She can hit me with the hammer to demonstrate that my head is empty. 😀

  2. I thought the most frequently asked questions are: how much will it eventually cost? will it ever launch? and will it break the rest of NASA? She didn’t answer those.

  3. As soon as I hit the PLAY button the video panel goes black. I tried adjusting my security settings to no avail. Any suggestions??

    1. Do you use NoScript or some other script blocker? You have to allow ‘vmixcore.com’ to use scripts. At least that’s what I have to do.

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