Always a Good Show: SRB Camera Views from Discovery’s Last Ride

Article written: 3 Mar , 2011
Updated: 4 Mar , 2011

I always enjoy the views from the cameras placed on the solid rocket boosters for the space shuttles, and this one is no different. Enjoy the ride and and down again, and watch out for that splashdown!

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  1. Hon. Salacious B. Crumb says

    In the seemingly desperate rush to get all out these stories on the second last Space Shuttle launch, you’ve wrong spelt the name of the shuttle as ” Disovery’s”. It is Discovery.

  2. ND says

    Two observations.
    1) The audio from the boosters as they reenter the atmosphere is downright creepy.
    2) At 17:46 you can see the trail left by the launch leading from the surface!

    • Manu says

      During the launch, in the rear views you can see the trail shadow, not on the ground but in the air;
      Between 18:00 and 18:50 you can see several times the trail of the other booster coming down (I think).

  3. SteveZodiac says

    1) Sounds just like someone blowing down a 150 x 12 foot tube 🙂

  4. Member
    Aqua says

    What were the objects impacting the ocean BEFORE the main splashdown? Chunks of burnt solid rocket propellent? Pieces of the tank attachments? or?

  5. Jon Hanford says

    “What were the objects impacting the ocean BEFORE the main splashdown?”

    I think your referring to the nose cone assemblies jettisoned from the SRBs just before the boosters splashdown.

  6. Member
    platomica says

    simply beautiful. viedos like this in their arbitrary, but equally so very exact action always make me understand how much planning , engineering and testing must be behind these launches. thanks for making me feel some of the early space age awe again, i was glued to the screen with my nose these past 30 minutes.

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