Space Station 3-D by Thierry Legault


Run — don’t walk — to astrophotographer Thierry Legault’s website to see his latest incredible video of the International Space Station and a docked space shuttle Discovery. He sent us a note that he had great “seeing” from Weimar, Germany on Monday evening, where he has set up shop in order to capture the orbiting spacecraft as many times as possible during the STS-133 mission. The detail is stunning, — more detail even than his previous video from last weekend — as evidenced in the annotated image above. Legault has even created a 3-D movie — no special 3-D glasses required. He has instructions on his website of how to cross your eyes and squint to get the 3-D effect. “This method may require a bit of training if you are not used to squinting but it gives a very realistic view,” Legault explained. See the videos and find out how he creates these amazing views on his website.

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  1. Thierry Legault’s images and video are amazing and his they seem to get better with time. I was really happy to get a less resolved shot of the ISS and Discovery last time they were up together on STS-131. Thierry must be stoked with his great images of an historic event.

  2. How come we’re only annotating the Shuttle? There’s a lot of cool detail on the ISS as well! I might have to make my own annotated ISS version…

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