Ken Kremer on Today’s APOD


Congrats to Universe Today writer Ken Kremer and his image processing partner Marco Di Lorenzo for their handiwork being featured on today’s Astronomy Picture of the Day. It’s one of their great images they have enhanced of the Opportunity Rover peering into its current location at Santa Maria Crater on Mars. Check it out on APOD!

5 Replies to “Ken Kremer on Today’s APOD”

    1. The lighter colored material on the right is one the hydrated mineral deposits Opportunity was sent to investigate.. right?

  1. Thank you !

    This is the general location of the hydrated sulfates at SE edge of santa maria.Oppy and the team are working to confirm that right now. I’ll be posting a new Oppy story soon. Stay tuned

  2. Thank you for sharing this fantastic image. I feel as though I stepped into the scene, great work!

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