Morphing Phobos

The folks from have been busy working on the new images of Phobos returned by Mars Express. Above, is an animation created by Daniel Machácek, who also colorized the images and processed them through some morphing software to make a seamless animation (via Emily Lakdawalla from the Planetary Blog), and below is another morphing animation by Daniel Brennan (via the Mars Express Blog)

Animation of Phobos. Animation credit: Dan Brennan, from Original HRSC images: Copyright ESA/DLR/FU Berlin (G. Neukum)

3 Replies to “Morphing Phobos”

  1. That’ll make a nice crater and liberate enough water and dust to create a temporary atmosphere when it does? Just saying, it sure would kick up a cloud! But that’s 50 million years off and IF Phobos doesn’t fracture and turn into a ring orbiting Mar in the mean time… can’t wait~

  2. I’ve seen a few images of Phobos recently and i wonder why it has so many horizontal scars (long thin lines as if a meteorite impacted at very very low angle) and no vertical. At first i tought that it picks up trash along it’s orbit, but then…it’s rotating in 3 axis, right? Does anybody have idea why?

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