See the Changing Seasons on Earth from Space


A new NASA webpage allows you to see – as well as share – the changing seasons here on Earth. From space, NASA satellites record the change of seasons, which scientists study regional patterns on Earth. These images also help show bigger changes that may occur over many years, and the slide show, “The Change of Seasons: Views from Space,” shows some of the ways seasonal change affects our planet, and invites you to share your own photos of seasonal change where you live.

Caused by the tilt of Earth’s axis relative to its orbital plane around the sun, seasons have profound changes on our weather and climate. When seasons change, nature reacts differently, depending on location. Temperatures change, rain or snow falls, rivers may flood, to name just a few effects. See the changes in action at the “Change of Seasons” webpage.


One Reply to “See the Changing Seasons on Earth from Space”

  1. So NASA is trying to educate us that seasons exist.

    Well let me tell you NASA, that snow in Ireland & UK is not your typical winter season, we normally get mild winters with wind and rain. Just because we are 51 north doesn’t mean we get 51 north seasons. Go back to doing what it is you do best, spaceflight, oh I forgot your not doing so good there anymore.

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