X-37B Update: Space Plane Spotted Again in Orbit


Here’s an update on the US Air Force’s secret X-37B space plane, which went missing last week — at least for us Earth-bound satellite watchers (surely the Air Force knows exactly where it is!). Spaceweather.com reports that the plane has been spotted again by a skywatcher from South Africa, Greg Roberts on October 12. Spaceweather says, “An analysis of the sighting by satellite expert Ted Molczan suggests that the X-37B has maneuvered into an orbit 54 km lower than before.” This is at least the second time the space plane’s orbit has changed, but at least we now know it is still in orbit and hasn’t landed.

If you want to try and see the X-37B yourself, visit the Heaven’s Above website, and Spaceweather also has a way to track the plane, too.

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