Interview with Nancy at PARS3C

Elizabeth Howell is a writer/blogger from Canada, and I met her when I was at Kennedy Space Center earlier this year for a space shuttle launch. She has a blog called “PARS3C” and each week she has a feature called “High 5” where she interviews a “spacey”-type person. This week, Elizabeth has interviewed me, so if you’d like to read it, head on over to her blog, where you can find out how I came to be a journalist, and what some of the articles are I’m working on for the future. And stay awhile and browse through the other articles that Elizabeth has written, too. She’s got a nice writing style, and covers a large range of topics — she was nominated for a Canadian Weblog award this year, too.

Thanks Elizabeth!

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  1. WRITE ON! Nancy! You’ve proven that baby steps DO lead to giant leaps! Once again… you’ve proven to be astronomically inspirational!

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