Preview of Phil Plait’s ‘Bad Universe;’ Premiers August 29

We are SOOO looking forward to our friend Phil Plait’s new endeavor, a TV show called “Phil Plait’s Bad Universe,” and here’s a sneak peak at what we can expect, courtesy of Phil and the Discovery Channel. Phil’s show premieres this Sunday night August 29, 2010 on the Discovery Channel. Check your local listings at this link, and prepared to be blown away!

One more thing, if you follow Phil on Twitter (@BadAstronomer), he’s having a contest starting Wednesday to give away free stuff from the show. (And while you’re at it you can follow both Universe Today and Nancy on Twitter, too!)

3 Replies to “Preview of Phil Plait’s ‘Bad Universe;’ Premiers August 29”

  1. As Lakdawalla notes, Plait may like blowing up stuff too much in his books and shows to be really engaging for many. His Close Personal Friend (TM) Mythbuster Savage may have some influence, if that is the case. The other post on James Cameron shows a more grown up approach. But diversity is good, and I’m sure kids will love it!

  2. It is easy for Phil. To speak about mainstream theories and to dehonest other not mainstream, or so called controversial or so called conspirative theories without serious opponents.
    Pavel Smutny author of

  3. This is beyond incredible. Phil Plait is a hero. I heard about his work on supernova and his skeptical deterministic perspective and I found his book in a random encounter in a bookstore in Nanaimo and read his movie reviews and debunkings on Now he has his own TV show on discovery and is set to carry the Savage/Hyneman legacy. Incredible. All the best to Phil and his family.

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