Help NASA Choose Wakeup Music for Final Shuttle Missions

It’s the one kind of cheesy thing we all listen for each day of a shuttle mission: the wake up song. With only a few space shuttle missions left on the manifest, NASA has decided to enlist the help of the public to help choose the songs that will wake up the astronauts for STS-133 – currently scheduled for a November 1, 2010 launch — and STS-134, slated to launch on February 26, 2011. Not only can you choose from previously played popular songs, but those of you musically inclined can write a song and submit it.

See the NASA website for more details.

The deadline is January 10, 2011.

8 Replies to “Help NASA Choose Wakeup Music for Final Shuttle Missions”

  1. “One More Astronaut”

    by I Mother Earth

    Unfortunately not a choice on Nasa’s website.

  2. Jimi’s Star Spangled Banner should be the Standard!!

    Solsbury Hill

    Children of the Sun

    Switching to Glide

    The theme from Roger Ramjet

    The theme from The Jetsons…Lost in space…My Favorite Martian… I dream of Jeannie…

  3. Virtually anything by Hawkwind including – ‘Silver Machine’/’Time We Left This World Today’/’Uncle Sam’s On Mars’/the whole of The Space Ritual etc. etc.

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