Interview with Elon Musk

SpaceX founder, CEO and CTO Elon Musk sat down with the Spacevidcast team for about 20 minutes to talk about space and SpaceX. This is the 10 minute SpacePod edition which has a little under 1/2 the interview available. We chat about the Falcon X, the future of space and why he built SpaceX.

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  1. I SO totally agree! Lets chat this up wherever and whenever we can! When Elan put out that call for petitioning our congress persons to stop ‘big Biz’ and their lobbyists from passing financially restrictive legislation aimed at the COTS program in the House, I for one, wrote my congresswoman and House speaker Nancy Pelosi, then I posted a plea on my Facebook wall, and told basically everyone who would listen….

    I see it like this. The old economic models are failing because of the entrenched monied interests. Those interests have strangled our economies in the name of globalization in their corporate boardrooms. They have co-opted any and all contenders wherever and whenever they can! It is in their vested interests to promote the status quo! THEIR interests, not the disenfranchised masses who’s voices have been minimalised by MAIN STREAM MEDIA – owned by a very few. GREED has played a horrendous role in the current world economic condition… LOOK at the statistics about that! Something like 1% of the people in the United States own all the money! Remember, it’s WE THE PEOPLE! NOT, We the Corporation!

  2. Think about this: Remember how President Obama pledged “Change you can believe in!”? Which has now apparently become, “Change you can forget about!” During his campaign he was able to rally a HUGE percentage of the electorate/American people to his ’cause’ by using these ‘keywords’ and promising radical changes in the way Washington operates. At one point, he HAD the American people behind him and he COULD have gone so very far with that energy… then… when he got into office he became inundated by false pragmatists and the extremely powerful financial forces that have risen ‘above’ the will of the People. I think at that point he realized that if he didn’t play their game.. .he was a ‘goner’. BANG! One hopes that he is holding his cards close and will eventually play out this confrontation wisely~ I just wish he’d used that initial momentum and DONE something more with it!~

  3. Yeah.. I remember the Kennedy’s… and look what happened to them…. dzzzzzzz
    But at least we got to the Moon!

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