Stunning Aurora Videos

Article written: 5 Aug , 2010
Updated: 20 Jan , 2016

If you weren’t lucky enough to be in the right place or the right time to see any of the aurora produced by the Sun’s recent spate of activity, skywatchers around the world have started posting videos online of some really spectacular Northern Lights. Above, is the view on August 4, 2010 from Telemark, Norway. Below are more sights, also from August 4, from Latvia and Risør, Norway. These videos were posted on CitizenTube, a newsy version of YouTube.


2 Responses

  1. J. Major says

    Wow…..I would love to see the aurora in person someday!!!

  2. cfkin says

    “O Roar a roar for Norah,
    Norah Alice in the night,
    For she has seen Aurora
    Borealis burning bright.

    A furor for our Norah!
    And applaud Aurora seen:
    O where throughout the summer
    has our Borealis been?”

    Walt Kelly

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