Symphony of Science Goes to the Moon

The Symphony of Science just released their latest video; this time it’s the Apollo 11 Moon landing. No auto-tuning, (unlike the “singing” Carl Sagan in “A Glorious Dawn”) but just a great video recap of the historic mission. Make sure you check out the SoS website, and if you think this is a worthy effort, consider sending them some support.

3 Replies to “Symphony of Science Goes to the Moon”

  1. Excellent! Brings back memories of the (to a kid) endless waits for something to happen, the nail-biting landing and squinting at poor quality black and white TV trying desperately to make out details of the moon behind bouncing, translucent astronauts.

  2. Depressing. That was over 40 years ago. Things were happening back then. Now we are spending 700 Billion a year on military! Politicians tell us to be afraid of our own shadows for there gain. We will save you they cry. Just give us more money!

    What have we become? What happened to the dream?

  3. What happened to the dream. Simple. Nixon canceled the second production run of the Saturn V, canceled Apollo 18 and 19, and sent us on a fools errand with the cheapest design or the Shuttle possible. It had a lot to do with Nixon “impounding” appropriated funds, a battle he had with Congress, which Congress eventually solved by passing a law forbidding the process. They starved NERVA (the nuclear rocket engine) to death also, it was on the edge of approval for the flight article.

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