ISS Will Be in Constant Sunlight the Next Few Days

I just took a look at Heaven’s Above to check on when I could see the International Space Station this weekend, and got the surprise of my life! On Saturday (June 26) I have 5 — count ’em — 5 opportunities to see it! That is completely unusual, so what’s up? For the next few days, the International Space Station (ISS) will be orbiting Earth in constant sunlight, as its orbit lines up with Earth’s day-night terminator. Therefore, the ISS will be putting on an incredible show the next few nights, since it will be constantly illuminated, and will be visible in the night sky every single time it passes overhead. Some observers will be able to see the space station 3, 4 — or like me — even 5 times a night. Check on Heaven’s Above, or NASA’s NASA has a Skywatch page where you can find your specific city to look for satellite sighting info., has a Satellite Tracker Tool. Just put in your zip code (good for the US and Canada) to find out what satellites will be flying over your house.

I’m expecting you all are going to be submitting some great astrophotos of the ISS during the next few days! Send ’em in!

4 Replies to “ISS Will Be in Constant Sunlight the Next Few Days”

  1. Indeed, thank you very much for that info!

    -3.8mag at midnight! Gee! I’ll definitely go see this show!

  2. Learned masses,
    why aren’t all the solar panels pointed in the same direction?

  3. Solar panels not pointing the same way, probably because full power is not needed at the moment, or may be for yaw control?

    The SS sighting info is grate, but weather here is not cooperating here.

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