Send Your Face to Space On Final Two Shuttle Missions


If NASA offered you a ride on one of the final two scheduled space shuttle missions, you’d go, right? I know I would, so that’s why I immediately signed up for NASA’s newest public participation campaign, “Send Your Face to Space.” If I can’t go, at least my face is heading up to LEO.

Here’s how to participate and become part of history:

Head to the “Send Your Face to Space” website.

Hit the “Participate” button and upload your image, which will be flown aboard the space shuttle. Don’t have a picture to upload? No problem, just skip the image upload and NASA will fly your name only on your selected mission.

Next… Print and save the confirmation with your flight information.

Later… Return to the site after the landing to print your Flight Certificate – a commemorative certificate signed by the Mission Commander.

The website also provides a participation map showing where participants are from and, relative to each other, how many are taking part from each country.

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