Astronomy Cast Ep. 186: History of Astronomy, Part 4: The Beginning of Modern Astronomy

Article written: 31 May , 2010
Updated: 22 Jan , 2016


With our proper place in the Universe worked out, and some powerful telescopes to probe the cosmos, astronomers started making some real progress. The next few hundred years was a time of constant refinement, with astronomers discovering new planets, new moons, and developing new theories in astronomy and physics.

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History of Astronomy, Part 4: The Beginning of Modern Astronomy shownotes and transcript.

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  1. Member
    Conshana says

    Dear Nancy,
    I lost my hearing due to military service in the Viet Nam Era. Podcasts are nothing to me, as I cannot hear them. Would it be possible to get transcripts for your deaf and hard of hearing people / readers? Not that you feel this way, but many hearing people feel that the deaf are dumb or stupid, and have no interest in things such as this. Believe me, M’Lady, such is not the case. There are many brilliant deaf and hearing impaired individuals. We are not second class / third class citizens.
    Thank You.
    I AM Conshana,
    aka Eugene

  2. Olaf says

    One easy way would be to put the podcast also available on Youtube. Youtube has this automatic subtext mechanism translating spoken language to text now.

  3. bazbsg says

    @ Conshana

    There are transcripts to just about every podcast. Click on the Jump to Transcript link. This episode hasn’t been done yet, but be patient. The one before this one is done already so i shouldn’t be long.

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