Amateur Astronomer Images X37-B Space Plane in Orbit


Even since amateur astronomers picked up on the orbit of the Air Force’s secret X37-B space plane, others have been trying to capture images of the mini-space shuttle look-alike. So far, images have been just streaks or dots, but Universe Today reader Brent (a.k.a. HelloBozos) was actually able to image the plane in some detail. “This is the first I know of or have seen an actual photo taken of the X37-B Air Force Space Plane in some detail, while in orbit!” Brent said in an email. He tracked the X37-B manually with his telescope’s handcontroller, and he used a CanonT1i prime focus on a 2 inch diagonal. “This image was taken on 5-26-2010 at 9:48 pm EST, Orlando, Florida, USA. It crossed from the southwest to the northeast, crossing next to Mars and headed to the handle of the Big Dipper on a 71 degree pass.”

Below, Brent also captured a flare of the X37-B.

Flare from the X37-B spaceplane, captured by Brent.

Brent says on the colored photo, “you can make out the main wings, a rear canard, and what I dub the “Fly Swatter’ solar panel.”

Close up version of the image of the X37-B by Brent.

Brent said he tracked the X37-B from the information on also has tracking info, plus other images submitted by readers.

Thanks to Brent for sharing his images. Nice — and fast — shooting! And this isn’t the first time Brent was keeping his telescope’s eye out for the X37-B. He also shot the launch in good detail, even from 60 miles away. The volume is cranked on this one:

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  1. Agreed! Great job on the tracking… you’ve had some practice!? Here’s hoping you get some shots of SpaceX’s Falcon 9 launch!

  2. Great results HelloBozos.

    Cash registers will be ringing at telescope shops everywhere in your honor 🙂

  3. The more eye’s in the sky the better,not for satellite’s,but for object’s headed this way that could do alot of harm,Satellite’s a bonus..8^)

  4. @HelloBozos – Did you get a look at the Space Weather site today? There’s nice shot of the X37-B and a GREAT blue air/daytime image of the ISS. Have you ever done that?

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