Atlantis Launch Gallery


Here’s a gallery of images from the last scheduled launch of space shuttle Atlantis, taken by Universe Today photographer Alan Walters (check out his website!), writer Ken Kremer, and a few from NASA. It was a beautiful day and a beautiful launch. But was it really Atlantis’ last? Only time will tell, but for now enjoy these great images.

The STS-132 crew walkout. Image credit: Alan Walters ( for Universe Today.

Photographers vie for position at the crew walkout location. Credit: Alan Walters ( for Universe Today.
Birds take flight along with Atlantis. Image credit: Alan Walters for Universe Today.
Atlantis goes into the roll program during the STS-132 launch. Credit: Alan Walters for Universe Today
Ken Kremer captured this gorgeous image of Atlantis' launch. Credit: Ken Kremer
A crowd of media and Twitterers watch the launch from the Kennedy Space Center Press site. Credit: NASA
A close-up of Atlantis during launch. Credit: NASA
Another view of the launch from KSC. Credit: NASA

For larger versions of the NASA images, see the STS-132 gallery on NASA’s Human Spaceflight website. We’ll keep you updated on the status of the mission.

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  1. Watching a space shuttle lauch is one of top 3 reasons I would visit USA.

  2. Well, you’d better do it soon, because )if I’m not wrong) there are only 2 more flights remaining 🙁

  3. For tristancalin and everyone,
    I had my first opportunity to see the big boys light off their toys for the STS-132 flight. (And I am old enough to remember seeing Alan Sherpard’s launch on TV) I can only say that it is worth the trouble, regardless of how far you have to travel, to see the show.
    “Come’on feel the noize”

    There are only two chances left (Officially),
    The Ghost In the Machine

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