Another Great “How To Go To the Bathroom in Space” Video

Article written: 7 May , 2010
Updated: 22 Jan , 2016

You want details on this subject? Astronaut Mike Massimino has got ’em. The best line in the video comes from Mass: “This is the deepest, darkest secret about spaceflight. People always ask us about UFOs and aliens, and we’ve got nothing for them. But they don’t know about this,” this being that astronauts have a positioning trainer and aligning camera to teach them how to go to the bathroom in space.

Who knew that the terms “docking” and “aligning” have multiple uses in space?

And if you’d like another description, check out our earlier post about astronaut Chris Hadfield’s “best description ever” on going to the bathroom in space.


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  1. kevinjardine says


    Yesterday a huge scientific conference released a year’s worth of amazing results from the largest ever space telescope (Herschel) and Universe Today is writing about space toilets?

    I don’t get it …


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