Shock Waves, Volcanic Bombs From Eyjafjallajokull

The volcano in Iceland keeps producing eye-popping effects. Now that the ash isn’t spewing quite so dramatically,the mouth of the volcano itself is visible. Here’s close-up aerial footage of the crater at Eyjafjallajokull, with glowing red lava and shockwaves of the eruptions in the ash cloud. Incredible.

If you haven’t yet seen images taken by Astronomer Snaevarr Gudmundsson from Iceland, he was just a few kilometers away from the volcano last Saturday, at the height of the action — including lighting in the plume. So check them out.

There are many other great images on across the webs — take a look at The Daily Mail website of the eruption with a unique backdrop of a stunning aurora, or these on Discovery News.

2 Replies to “Shock Waves, Volcanic Bombs From Eyjafjallajokull”

  1. Fascinating! I did not expect to see the shock waves emanating from the crater..

    Last night we watched a special on cable about the volcanoes of Iceland. They told the story of a major eruption in the early 1700’s that changed the climate of the entire world with a tremendous outpouring of Sulfur Dioxide filled lavas (SO2 is a NASTY greenhouse gas). One wonders if this might be the beginning of a similar outburst? YIKES! Wary scawey….

  2. It’s Awsome!

    A theory proposed in the past is volcanic forces were responible for creating/making the atmosphere of the earth, in its begging.

    Yet, a current theory sugjests that metorites are responsible.

    I kind’a wonder if it could be narrowed down to which Volcano’s were the first ones and the last.

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