Universe Today Wants Your Shuttle Landing Images/Videos!

Space shuttle Discovery made a cross-country trek over the US Tuesday morning, heading towards an absolutely beautiful landing at Kennedy Space Center 9:08 am EDT. Watch the great video above. (The crew at NASA TV/KSC TV really outdid themselves on this one!) If you saw Discovery soar over your hometown we want to know what it looked like! Did you capture images or video? Or can you give us a description? Send them to me and we’ll post a gallery. See below for track the shuttle took across the continental US.


3 Replies to “Universe Today Wants Your Shuttle Landing Images/Videos!”

  1. Wow! What a great video! I was hoping to hear the sonic booms and was not disappointed. What a graceful ship. And to think that it’s a glider! Like Woody said of Buzz Lightyear, “That isn’t flying. That’s falling with style.” So…tell me again, why are we giving up on this?

  2. Dominion:

    So…tell me again, why are we giving up on this?

    Probably the same reason why the British and the French gave up on Concorde.

  3. Hello Dominion,

    Emotional questions can’t be answered with logic, but the decision is just as obvious now as when is was made in 2006,

    1) The Shuttle Fleet has been on restricted duty since the deaths of the crew of Columbia, in other words, Shuttle operators have judged it unfit for multi-role purpose for which is was originally designed,
    2) NASA has aims beyond being a LEO ferry operator,
    3) Commercial, and therefore cost effective, alternatives are about to overtake,
    4) ISS construction is all but done.

    The question could just as easily be, Why did we retire the Saturn V, the Mercury Capsule or the Wright Flyer? They have done their dash and eventually you (sad but true) will be retired as well.

    They do look purdy (just like Concorde) so will be preserved as static displays rather than recycled into coke cans and fridge magnets.

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