ISS Crew Forgets Spacesuits in April 1 EVA

Article written: 1 Apr , 2010
Updated: 24 Dec , 2015


The crew of the International Space Station sent down an image of an unscheduled spacewalk that allegedly took place earlier today. “We wanted to welcome you guys to April, and hopefully we brought you guys some smiles and not a lot of nervousness,” T.J. Creamer radioed down to Mission Control in Houston.

“Yes, you welcomed us to April, and you did it in a grand way!” replied veteran astronaut Shannon Lucid, serving as Capcom. “You have a real problem, but you know it’s outside our ability to help you.”

Creamer and crewmates Soichi Noguchi and Oleg Kotav assured Lucid they were wearing eye protection and Lucid wondered if they put sunscreen on. “Getting vitamin D is great, but don’t stay out too long,” she said.

“Oh, Mom can’t we stay out longer?” Creamer joked.

This image is reminiscent of a picture fellow journalist Rachel Hobson took of me while we were at Kennedy Space Center, below. There was a model of the newly installed Cupola in the KSC press room, and several journalists took turns taking pictures of each other, and the images ended up looking similar to what the ISS crew created today. The astronauts obviously have some digital image editing software on board.

Nancy at KSC for the STS-130 launch. Image by Rachel Hobson.


8 Responses

  1. galactus says

    silly humans

  2. brundall says

    Wait a minute – if all the crew is outside in space, who is going to let them back in through the airlock?

  3. Great to see these top scientists are still as mad as they were in my youth.

    Keep it up.

  4. exodus says

    ever heard of april fools?

  5. captain_picard says

    Two of the astronauts are doing the Vulcan salute!!!!



  6. Olaf says

    So proof that ISS is clearly fake. LOL

  7. orourkeg says

    Open the pod bay door, HAL. HAL? Dude, I’m serious. Open the freaking pod bay door! HAL! HAL!!!!!!

  8. brundall says

    I would also like to add that the name
    T.J Creamer sounds like a name from an eighties porn movie.

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