A Look Inside the Space Shuttle “Garage”

This is home movies at their finest. Astronaut Mike Massimino takes us inside the garage of space shuttle Discovery — also known as the Orbiter Processing Facility (OPF)– for a behind the scenes look at the work that is done on the orbiters, as well as seeing some of the training for the astronauts on the upcoming STS-131 mission. This is part of a series of “behind the scenes for STS-131” videos that Massimino hosts, which you can find on the NASA TV You Tube channel. Mass brings humor and sense of wonder to these videos, and is great at doing public outreach for NASA.

2 Replies to “A Look Inside the Space Shuttle “Garage””

  1. Mike is so fun!
    If he isn’t getting a chance to fly again, he should be the mission commentator instead of the woman that just kind of drones along in a monotone voice. NASA could be as popular as any of those reality shows. 😉

  2. I agree with tegwilym, Mike Massimino is fun to listen to both during his trips to space and in his behind-the-scenes commentary, as displayed here. His enthusiasm is contagious and I think a part-time role as mission commentator would be a great improvement to the current crop (I say this with no ill feelings toward the current commentators 🙂 ).

    Btw, Mike performed ‘capcom’ duties on the previous Shuttle mission and some of his exchanges with fellow astronauts proved quite interesting!

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