STS-134 Does Star Trek with New Poster

Article Updated: 24 Dec , 2015


I love the crew posters that NASA has been creating lately, and this one is especially cool. If you are a Star Trek fan, you likely will recognize the pose that Commander Mark Kelly and his crew are assuming. If not, take a look below.

Star Trek movie poster. Credit: Paramount

Find all the crew posters at the NASA Spaceflight Awareness product page. And try not to download too many! They’re all great.

Right now, STS-134 has a targeted launch date of July 29, 2010. But STS-131, -132 and -133 are in line first, and right now we’re waiting to hear word on whether Discovery for STS-131 will have to be rolled back off the launchpad to fix a faulty helium valve in the right Reaction Control System. Additionally, one of STS-134’s payloads is scheduled to be the $2-billion Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer, but possible design problems could delay the launch of this much-anticipated instrument which could help find antimatter and test the Big Bang theory. Stay tuned!


5 Responses

  1. Jon Hanford says:

    Phasers on stun!

  2. chichiki123 says:

    Do you see the different ethnic people in the star trek poster? thats how it should be done in real life

  3. Silver Thread says:

    Uh I see several nationalities represented chichi, or are you just quibbling because they all have a similar skin tone?

  4. chichiki123 says:

    Roberto Vittori is scheduled to be the last non-US astronaut to fly on the Shuttle so i dont see several nationalities now or nor in the future hehe

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