STS-134 Does Star Trek with New Poster


I love the crew posters that NASA has been creating lately, and this one is especially cool. If you are a Star Trek fan, you likely will recognize the pose that Commander Mark Kelly and his crew are assuming. If not, take a look below.

Star Trek movie poster. Credit: Paramount

Find all the crew posters at the NASA Spaceflight Awareness product page. And try not to download too many! They’re all great.

Right now, STS-134 has a targeted launch date of July 29, 2010. But STS-131, -132 and -133 are in line first, and right now we’re waiting to hear word on whether Discovery for STS-131 will have to be rolled back off the launchpad to fix a faulty helium valve in the right Reaction Control System. Additionally, one of STS-134’s payloads is scheduled to be the $2-billion Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer, but possible design problems could delay the launch of this much-anticipated instrument which could help find antimatter and test the Big Bang theory. Stay tuned!

5 Replies to “STS-134 Does Star Trek with New Poster”

  1. Do you see the different ethnic people in the star trek poster? thats how it should be done in real life

  2. Uh I see several nationalities represented chichi, or are you just quibbling because they all have a similar skin tone?

  3. Roberto Vittori is scheduled to be the last non-US astronaut to fly on the Shuttle so i dont see several nationalities now or nor in the future hehe

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