Best. Shuttle Image. Ever


While watching space shuttle Endeavour approach the International Space Station late Tuesday/early Wednesday, there was an amazing view shown on NASA TV, and I only hoped that someone on the ISS captured it with a high-resolution photo. They did. This amazing image shows Endeavor silhouetted against the tiny, colorful sliver of Earth’s atmosphere. Where else can you get an image like this except in space?! Incredible!

And below is the flipside, the view the space shuttle astronauts had of the ISS as they got closer to their new home in space.

ISS as seen from approaching Endeavour. Credit: NASA

Check out all the images from the STS-130 mission and the ISS at the NASA Human Spaceflight website.

Thanks to @absolutspacegrl for posting this on Twitpics

4 Replies to “Best. Shuttle Image. Ever”

  1. Wow. That’s just stunning. Kudos to the photographer aboard the ISS.

    And I’m not one to say things like this out loud but….it kinda looks like the silhouette of an angel. 😉

  2. Very intense picture. You need to have a lil button so I can easily share this with my friends instead of having to copy paste a msg to them!! thanks & o yea and whats up with the mobile version of this website?

  3. for all of you who are also blown away by this picture, i made a wallpaperpack in many usual resolutions of this stunning shot! resolutions range from: 1024×768 to 2560×1600 including HD formats. in terms of “freedom of artistic expression”, i removed the motion blur of the shuttle in the original shot and adjusted the saturation to +10% to put the finishing touch to it. have fun!

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