Get Ready for “Largest Meeting in Astronomy History”

Here comes the 215th meeting of the American Astronomical Society, held during January 3-7, 2010 in Washington, DC. With over 2,500 registrants, the AAS has billed this as “the largest meeting in astronomy history.” The AAS 215 will undoubtedly produce some amazing new astronomical announcements, press releases and briefings, and we at Universe Today will work hard to bring you all the news. So get ready for a ridiculous amount of coverage. And if you’re into exoplanets, word has it there will be lots of exoplanet news this week. Stay tuned!

Plus, you can watch public events and press conferences from Astronomy Cast Live’s UStream channels at these web addresses:
Public Events
Press Conferences
Random Roving Reporting

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  1. and to top it off amazing indie rock sensation, ASTRONOMERS, are playing on the 4th @ Galaxy Hut in Arlington, VA.

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