Absolutely Amazing Shuttle Ascent Video

Article written: 26 Nov , 2009
Updated: 28 Nov , 2009

This video compilation of the STS-129 ascent is incredible! (and is it now available again after a short hiatus.) It includes video highlights from ground, air, SRB and external tank cameras during the launch of Atlantis on Nov. 16, 2009. It will give you a new appreciation for the space shuttle. The music is great, as well. Not to be missed!

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  1. Jon Hanford says

    WOW, I mean WOW. This is not your ordinary NASA mission video. Some camera angles were completely new to me. Views not available on NASA TV. Split screen views (like out of the front window combined with external SRB cameras!), remote views of the SRBs headed for splashdown taken by a chase plane, etc. I’d like to see this in an IMAX format at a local theater. These images are just incredible, and with a soundtrack to boot! Many thanks, Nancy, for bringing this to UT.

  2. Marc Tiedemann says

    cool video, really cool… does anyone know, whats this is? i really like the song at the end, after the boosters were dropped.

  3. ZomZom says

    “This video has been removed by the user.”

  4. Marc Tiedemann says

    i will upload it for you…

  5. Marc Tiedemann says

    ok, i tried to upload it, but it didn’t work^^

  6. Marc Tiedemann says

    finally it worked. here’s the new link:
    oh, and i am sorry for spamming 🙂

  7. DrFlimmer says

    Stunning, beautiful! Awesome video! 🙂

    NASA should have made more of those in the past!

  8. Olaf says

    So beautiful!
    NASA really should do more of this.

  9. ZomZom says

    Thank you, Marc. That was awesome. So many shots I had never seen before.

  10. J. Major says

    This is really beautiful. Great work on the editing and music as well!

  11. wjwbudro says

    Magnifico! What a great presentation. I didn’t get audio though..
    From the footage, I think I can see how the Shuttle’s nozzles performed the roll maneuver. Always wondered how that was accomplished.

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