Just Released! Video of Tranquility Base via LRO

You’ve seen the pictures, now watch the movie! Zoom into the Apollo 11 landing site with the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter’s latest images of Tranquility Base where humans took their first steps on the Moon. Thrill with the detail! Swoon with the history! Or, just enjoy it.

10 Replies to “Just Released! Video of Tranquility Base via LRO”

  1. Ok, now that I can see the video, now I’m even more convinced that recent images from the Apollo landing site are fake. Just look how unnatural, boring this video is! It is not real video, just zooming of static image! One more proof that people never landed on the Moon, one more A+ to the Moon landing hoax theory.

  2. Just watched the video 2 more times… now 1000% sure that it is fake… the supposed Apollo 11 modele is presented simple as a bright dot, even at the great distance, at the start of “video” it is clear the few pixels are so bright, obviously after using some software to brighten pixels, and that is presented to us as a Apollo 11 module. What a crap. What a cheap crap.

  3. Fascinating! It isn’t often one can watch historical sites where events occurred during a human lifetime. Or the usual hecklers that spit at the awesomeness of it all.

    The east-west wall and WWII sites comes to mind (albeit both WWII and the first human landing on another astronomical body are becoming dated, more’s the pity).

    And the level of detail is amazing! Who knew beforehand that this was possible. I guess it overpowers most people’s guesses, seeing foot tracks and all.

    [Now, if we could only find the toppled flag. That would take the cake.]

    Nancy, as this is both high culture and high science, keep the imagery coming, in any form, taste or color! I, for one, find them mesmerizing.

  4. “Or the usual hecklers that spit at the awesomeness of it all.”

    [And, I must then add in an odd form of self-reference, the fan boys who ogle the imagery with drool on their lips.

    But that is, as the hecklers, a given.]

  5. You know they say we have satellites in orbit that can take a picture of a license plate or a pack of cigarettes but they spend all that money to put an orbiter around the moon and this is as close as it gets? I’m not real impressed

  6. Jetdreams65, the Images seen on Google Earth where you can see the number plates is from air planes not sattelites.

    The resolution from satellite is probably about 10 meters or a bit lower.

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