A Very Large 3-D Movie

Article written: 13 Oct , 2009
Updated: 24 Mar , 2012

Quick! Grab a pair of red and green 3-D glasses and slap them on to watch this great time lapse video of the Very Large Telescope at the Paranal Observatory, high in the Atacama Desert in Chile. It shows a complete night at the observatory, and you can see the four 8m telescopes and the four 1.8m telescopes of the VLT working, all in 3-D. The video comes from the handiwork of astrophotographer and head Optics Engineer on the VLT, Stéphane Guisard. If that name sounds familiar, Stéphane has recently been working with ESO and fellow astrophotographer Serge Brunier on the GigaGalaxy Zoom project. Click this link to go directly to GigaGalaxy Zoom, or read one of our previous articles about them here. It was made by using two cameras taking pictures simultaneously, which were combined to create an anaglyph time lapse movie. Two notes about the movie: the telescopes and domes were lit by the moonlight, and the International Space Station crosses the sky during the very first seconds of the movie.

Sources: Stephane Guisard’s website, , Hat tip to Will Gater

2 Responses

  1. Astrofiend says

    Good to see ’em all hard at work for us…

  2. Ted Judah says

    Reminds me of feeding barnacles – filtering for photons.

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