Astro Art of the Week: Space City of the Future


Ever try to imagine what cities on other planets or moons might look like? Universe Today reader Alan Lipkin put his imagination to work for this week’s edition of Astro Art. But do you recognize the different images Alan Photoshopped together to create this very futuristic city? “It is Saturn’s moon Phoebe with New York City inserted in the craters Jason and Erginus,” Alan revealed. Additionally, a portion of the Wild Duck Cluster is the backdrop.

Readers may remember that Alan was the original inspiration for Astro Art of the Week with this submission here.

If you’ve got a space or astronomy image you’ve created and would like to share it, submit it to Nancy . We’re also still looking for a better title than “Astro Art of the Week” — so if you have any suggestions for something a little more catchy, post your idea in the comments.

5 Replies to “Astro Art of the Week: Space City of the Future”

  1. Alan Lipkin – Lol, interesting. What I’m planning on doing is pasteing the images of the 162 story Burj-Dabai building and other interesting building planned for Abu Dahbi and other skyscrapers in the world and place them on Mars near Valles Marineris . I’ve been doing this for only 1 year, I have some interesting results with other pictures so far. but. Alan, I still have quite a ways to go before I can be as good as you. lol

  2. I do not care for this design. We got a surface gravity of about 0.005 that of Earth here. And why are you radiating your hard earned energy into space! You cannot depend on solar energy in THIS neighborhood. Better to hollow out the rock, spin it, and build on the inside. Also protect you for those cosmic rays.

    No thought at all to reality in this design.

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