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We’ve got some extremely creative readers of Universe Today who really know their way around image editing software. One of those people is Alan Lipkin, who submitted his latest Photoshop handiwork to us, which he calls “Ballerina Galactica.” Of course, you’ll recognize the tutu as the Sombrero Galaxy and the backdrop as the Wild Duck Star Cluster. The big star and earring are both Sirius. Wonderful!

Alan’s image gave me an idea: Why not have a regular feature where readers can submit astronomical images they have messed around with using image editing software? A few rules: the images submitted must be space or astronomy related and they must be in good taste. The images can be submitted to Nancy here. We’re looking forward to seeing and sharing the creative side of our readers!

8 Replies to “Astro ‘Shop of the Week”

  1. Can we submit other types of astronomy related art, not just photo manips? I have some I’d like to submit for this.

  2. @Noadi – I can’t, of course, speak for Nancy (and it WAS her good idea), but I think that would be fun.

  3. Funny stuff. It reminds me of early ensouled depictions of astronomical objects.

    With the synchrony of the web, or perhaps in this case the periodicity of art fashion, I saw the same idea presented just 10 minutes ago: a Saturn Ferris wheel [Credit: Geraint Jones, UCL]. I note the attention to detail in the reflection and how it brings out the grandeur of Saturn.

    [But of course the awesomeness of the Cassini CIRS measurements of Enceladus tiger stripe region overwhelm that experience for me, rockets up and hands down!]

  4. It’s an interesting image but one thing I noticed is that she twirls around very quickly in a manner that inplies there is more mass to her than what can be seen. It is obvious the ballerina must be made of 90% dark matter to account for this discrepancy. =D

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