2000 Sols on Mars

Article written: 18 Aug , 2009
Updated: 24 Dec , 2015

Another milestone for the Mars Exploration Rovers: Spirit has been operating on Mars for 2000 sols, or Martian days. Who would have ever thought the rovers would last this long? But here they are, still going, um, pretty strong. Even though she’s got plenty of electrical power, Spirit is currently stuck in loose soil at her location, called Troy. But engineers are working hard to figure out how to set her free. Check out the latest on the efforts at the Free Spirit website.

To celebrate Spirit’s milestone, Unmanned Spaceflight’s Astro0 has put together a Sol 2000 poster over at his website, Astro0 in Space. It’s gorgeous, and includes a new poem by my pal Stuart Atkinson, so check it out!

3 Responses

  1. Astrofiend says

    The mission that all others to follow will be measured against just keeps on being awesome.

    Keep on trucking little rovers!

  2. Jon Hanford says

    Keeps going longer than the ‘Energizer Bunny’! Onward across Barsoom.

  3. kootstar says

    Next time I can get a car, let it be quality of the rovers!

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