Land on the Moon in Google Earth

To celebrate the 40th anniversary of the Apollo 11 Moon landing, Google has launched a new feature: the Moon in Google Earth. You can now use Google Earth to explore, fly around and search the Moon. Google was able to get several astronauts to participate in this new feature, and you can get tours of landing sites, narrated by Apollo astronauts, view 3D models of landed spacecraft, zoom into 360-degree photos to see astronauts’ footprints and watch rare TV footage of the Apollo missions. The hi-resolution views of the Moon were developed in collaboration with NASA Ames Research and JAXA. It’s loads of fun and provides an historic perspective as well as a look to the future of lunar exploration. If you already have Google Earth 5.0 on your computer, just click on the tab on the top toolbar that has a picture of Saturn, and click on Moon. If you click on the Apollo 11 flag, you can zoom in on that location and take a tour of the first landing site on the Moon! What a great way celebrate the 40th anniversary. Enjoy!

Click here to go the the Moon in Google Earth.

2 Replies to “Land on the Moon in Google Earth”

  1. Stupendously Awesome.

    Thank you Google.

    Im just looking at the Lunar Orbiter Mosaic, and for the first time ever we can see a pattern where those weird photographic emultion faults follow across the globe. Many of them streching over several passes of the orbiter.

    (I do still think they are just emulsion faults) However its almost like random art and it appeals to my sense of the cool.

    This will keep me occupied for weeks.
    Bring on the LRO data. 🙂

    Damian K

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