Expedition 21 Star Trek Poster

Is NASA becoming creative, fun and hip in their old (50 plus) age? They are Tweeting and Facebook-ing like crazy, and also getting quite adept at imaginative promotional images. A new poster for the next Expedition crew for the International Space Station is now available and it has a Star Trek theme. This is a great way for NASA to capitalize on the renewed popularity of Star Trek, while bringing the names of faces of the ISS crews to the public in an enjoyable and entertaining way. This Expedition 21 poster is available in downloadable versions in medium and large files (pdf).

See NASA’s entire collection of mission posters here at NASA’s Spaceflight Awareness page.

Check out all the ways NASA is connecting with people online here.

Hat tip to NASA Watch!

7 Replies to “Expedition 21 Star Trek Poster”

  1. [cringe] Uniforms [wince] don’t match the spacecraft. [shudder] Wrong Enterprise.

  2. NASA should have morphed Jeffrey Williams into a Klingon. He’s got the makings of a brow ridge already. I think he’d make a fine Klingon.

  3. So who is the new guy in the away team that’s gonna be savagely killed by a Sarturion phlox?

  4. @ cipater:
    The Redshirts Problem seems to happen mainly during excursions to the surface of alien planets, so, the two lads who got the red shirts are probably quite safe.

  5. The ominous fate of the redshirts dates from The Original Series. Security personnel onboard the first Enterprise wore red. Command staff wore gold.

    In The Next Generation, red (wine-red) was worn by command staff. Blue for medical/science staff and brown by security/technicall staff.

    As the design of the uniforms is clearly TNG, at least Frank De Winne’s (ISS commander) uniform is the right colour… So NASA has at least done some of it’s home work.

    (They did have the wrong E though! but then again the Ent-D top view isn’t that interresting…)


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