Anne is a Jolly Good Fellow!

Article written: 28 May , 2009
Updated: 26 Apr , 2016

Congrats to our very own Anne Minard who has been named one of five Ted Scripps Fellows in Environmental Journalism! Anne will be moving to Colorado to attend a nine-month academic program for professional journalists at the University of Colorado – Boulder. The Fellowship immerses journalists in classes and research about environmental issues to help them gain a better understanding of this topic, allowing them to cover the environment more effectively and enrich the public’s knowledge of this crucial subject. Anne will undoubtedly be busy with this new endeavor, but she hopes to keep her toe in the water here at Universe Today and share what she is learning. Congratulations Anne!

3 Responses

  1. What a surprise, Nancy. Thank you!!

  2. Naoviotaire says

    Learn’m about Kessler Syndrome, Anne.

    Yours are the quirkier stories here. Try to leave two toes.

  3. Astrofiend says

    Well done Anne – sounds like a great opportunity for you! Congrats!

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