Universe Today is Hiring… a Researcher

Universe Today has a new position open for a researcher, and we were wondering if anyone out there on the Internets is interested in applying.

We’re looking for a researcher who can help support the blogging team to find space and astronomy news stories and aggregate them together. This means tracking thousands of RSS feeds, watching twitter feeds until your eyes bleed, and lurking through many many discussion forums. You’ll cosy up to NASA press officers and university researchers, deriving hidden meaning from their slightest innuendo. And then, like a mighty hunter, you’ll return to Universe Today HQ with a bag filled with breaking space news to keep the bloggers busy.

Are you the right person for the job? Ask yourself:

  • Do you love space and astronomy?
  • Do you love to make lists? Do you have lists of your lists?
  • Do you have a burning need to know everything? Does it annoy you that somebody out there might know something that you don’t?
  • Do you have a strong opinion of what’s interesting, and what’s boring. What’s cool and what’s lame?
  • Are your friends tired of you telling them cool stuff you’ve found out? (we’ll never tire of it)
  • Do you already have a fully stuffed RSS reader pulling in stories from all directions like a hungry black hole?

I’m thinking that this’ll be a part-time job – 20 hours/week? And you’ll be able to work from the comfort of your own home – in any country. Oh, and it doesn’t pay very well. But it does pay.

So, if that’s you, send in an email to [email protected] and tell me your story.

3 Replies to “Universe Today is Hiring… a Researcher”

  1. mmm…20 hours???…Eye bleeds just start then on one shift of 20 hours..i’m 38,male,i’ve just started out in astronomy April 08′..father’s a rocket scientist.. i’m in Orlando, Florida,60 miles from the Cape…;^)…currently i’m educating myself with astro photography…If one can Process Astro Photos after nights session of capturing them,You Have your Man for this position..

    my amateur blog..(http://www.celestronlife.com/blogs/posts/Hellobozos)

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