Confirmed: Chocolate and Astronomy Go Together

Two of my greatest loves are coming together at the Museo de Chocolate (Chocolate Museum) of Barcelona. To celebrate the International Year of Astronomy 2009, this year’s International Contest of Chocolate Figures has chosen astronomy as its theme. And the fourteen sculptures that are part of the competition –in which the designers use chocolate to embody creative astronomical interpretations, as the one seen here — will be on display at the Museo de Chocolate starting on May 7 in a new temporary exhibition, “Los Mundos Celestes-400 aƱos del descubrimiento del sistema solar” (Celestial Worlds – 400 years since the discovery of the Solar System). I understand the exhibition as being temporary, but my question is, who gets to eat them?


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  1. I’d like to see (r.e. eat) the interpretations of the ‘Milky Way’ and ‘Mars’ pieces!

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