What a Relief! New Space Toilet Being Designed

The International Space Station’s toilet has had its troubles, and Japan’s Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) has decided they want to “eliminate” this problem for future astronauts and procure a new way to deal with human waste in space. They formed a space toilet research group and came up with an idea that is sure to revolutionize space travel. The wearable toilet. “Clean and easy to use, the envisioned space toilet is designed to be worn like a diaper around the astronaut’s waist at all times,” says an article on Pink Tentacle. Engineers hope to have this next-generation space toilet available to use in space within the next five years.

How does it work?

“Sensors detect when the user relieves him or herself, automatically activating a rear-mounted suction unit that draws the waste away from the body through tubes into a separate container,” the article says. It’s also a full feature toilet/shower almost like a bidet, as well as eliminating potential embarrassing situations in space. “In addition to washing and drying the wearer after each use, the next-generation space toilet will incorporate features that eliminate unwanted sound and odor.”

Plans are to test working prototypes of the space toilet in Japan’s Kibo lab aboard the ISS. The developers indicate their next-generation space toilet may also prove useful on Earth as well, such as in hospitals with bedridden patients.

The current ISS toilet sucks waste away like a vacuum cleaner. Use of that toilet requires practice before heading to space, particularly because an improperly seated user has the potential to create a messy situation.

Chiaki Mukai, head of JAXA’s Space Biomedical Research Office, is looking forward to the development of the new toilet. “Long-term stays in space place significant stress on the mind and body,” Mukai says. “The toilet plays a crucial role in maintaining good health in space.”

Source: Pink Tentacle

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  1. Oh boy. I am NOT going to tell you what crossed my mind while reading this. I’m NOT telling.

    It came with chuckes, though. That much you may know. 😀

  2. First : april fools ? Second : this is discuting !
    Third : what about if the suction is too high you could get your a**hole ripped and your intestins sucked out.
    Sucks to be a japanese astronaut !

  3. Imagine In the futur you will be able to take a shit and talk to your friends at the same time without them even noticiting …. on a date, at a job interview, at a funeral ! Sold !

  4. We Fremen use the stilsuit. It recycles and filters urine so you can have drinking water later.

  5. What an instrument, and what a way to solve a natural behavior to a very unnatural way off being, and outfit.

    There can be said one positive thing about it. By this they have solve to problems in one stroke.

    1) Shitting in zero gravity
    2) Sex in space.

  6. I can’t stop laughing at the “imagined difficulties” you could get into and the performance anxiety of the “beta tester ” of this.

  7. This would be alright if you only put it on when you’re using it. Wearing it all the time would be retarded.

  8. This may be fine for the lady astronauts but for the men I can see issues unless they are planning on putting bromide in the drinking water 🙂

  9. What is wrong with the Japanese? Who would even conceive of wearing a toilet all the time whether in space or otherwise. Even in a hospital setting, I don’t even want to think of the bed soars this would create. Without a way to easily take this thing off and on its doomed for failure.

  10. Wearing the thing all the time would definitely cause chafing and bed dores that could become deeply infected. Not good. Whoever wrote this up originally is a genius . . . comedian.

  11. Hey, laugh all you want, but this is a very serious to someone who has to spend nine hours in a spacesuit or more. Or a six month to a year in zero gee!

  12. I don’t want to pooh-pooh anyone’s good ideas, but this sounds like a disaster in the making. Such a small unit cannot do all it needs to do without great discomfort. Is there a catheter and a tube up their rectum? Sounds real comfy. And the “washing machine” feature will surely never malfunction? Now I”m laughing, too, imagining the inevitable. At best, the ISS will end up smelling like a nursing home (if it doesn’t already). Just improve the common-use units already in place. It won’t make it out of testing. Another “improvement” that is simply not needed.

  13. Hey! Everyone stop and think about all the challenging minutia we are reading about in connection with space flight. Design, time and money appear to be out of control. Does anyone genuinely belive we have the intellectual capacity to put together a system that will safely sustain life in space or on the surface of another celestial body for an extended period. If we ever find the talent and money to get man to Mars, it will probably be well into the next century.

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