Watch More Events Live from AAS on Tuesday Jan. 6

Once again our sister site Astronomy Cast LIVE will be providing live video coverage of press events at the 213th AAS meeting being held in Long Beach CA. The video streams can be found at Astronomy Cast’s UStream Channel. You can join the chat to suggestion questions to ask at the news conference or report any issues with the feed.

If for some reason this link does not work try searching for Astronomy Cast on at

Here is the tentative schedule for tomorrow, Tuesday January 6. We’ll try to keep you updated if there are any changes, or check back with Astronomy Cast Live for updates. All times are Pacific Standard Time so please adjust accordingly. These recordings may or may not be available for viewing later.

9:00 AM – Cassiopeia A

10:30 AM – Star News

11:30 AM – Bright Flashes in the Universe

1:00 PM – News from Fermi and SWIFT

3:00 PM – History Mysteries

More might be added to the list tomorrow morning. Remember to join the chat room to suggest questions, and report issues. We will do our best to accommodate. Scott Miller from Astronomy Cast is manning the camera and the UStream Chat (and wowing the UStream and AAS world, I might add!)

3 Replies to “Watch More Events Live from AAS on Tuesday Jan. 6”

  1. Hey! What new discoveries can we hear about yet, anything? I’m dying over here! C’MON GUYS!!
    Throw me an extrasolar planet or two! I’ve got DT’s!

  2. If possible, could you please link the papers presented to the corresponding abstracts given in the SAO/NASA ADS Astronomy Abstract Service. This might add a little more usefulness about information, especially for those that are slightly more technical astute. I.e. Active Star Formation Within Two Parsecs of Sgr A*? for the article here entitled “Young Stars Forming Near Galactic Black Hole”.

  3. Hey Pamela, you’re surprisingly young! I always thought you were 50 or something! And Ian O Neill looks like a movie star!

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