Live Video Coverage from AAS

This just in from Scott Miller at Astronomy Cast LIVE. Once again we will be providing live video coverage of press events at the 213th A A S meeting being held in Long Beach CA Jan 5-8th. The video streams can be found here.

If for some reason this link does not work try searching for Astronomy Cast on at

Here is our tentative schedule for today, Monday January 5, 2009. Please check back with Astronomy Cast LIVE for updates. All times are Pacific Standard Time so please adjust accordingly. These recordings may or may not be available for viewing later.

9:30 AM – Exoplanets and Exoplanetary Systems

11:00 AM – Brown Drawfs

12:30 PM – Milky Way

3:00 PM – International Year of Astronomy 2009 Begins in USA

More videos from the AAS meeting will be added to the list tomorrow morning. Remember to join the chat room to suggest questions, and report issues. We will do our best to accommodate.