We All Say “Excited!” In The Same Language


One of the wonderful things about space exploration and astronomy is how it brings people together across cultures, countries and even languages. Almost all of the current planetary missions — Phoenix, Cassini, and Dawn, for example — are collaborative efforts between scientists and space agencies around the world. And all of our explorations, whether it be through spacecraft or telescopes embody the best of all of humanity: our creativity, our technological advances, our driving curiosity and spirit of perseverance. Furthermore, these explorations excite and inspire us, and also bring us together, providing a common bond. A friend that’s involved with the Chandrayaan mission, (JPL and ISRO working together) that’s now working its way to the Moon, sent me a link to a home video showing Chandrayaan’s launch. You don’t have to speak the language of India to understand how absolutely excited these people were to see their own country’s spacecraft rocket to space. See the video below:

You can’t help but cheer along with the people in the video. We can all cheer, and whoop and holler in excitement in the same language; no translations needed. Congrats to India and all the countries involved in the Chandrayaan mission. Woo hoo! and Yippee!!

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  1. Come on, folks, let them have their joy over reaching a pretty important milestone: the ability explore the cosmos first hand. The west is going to do a better job at exploration and not junk it up like the most populated areas of India? Give me a break – we’ve left thousands of pieces of junk in space, on the moon, in orbit. Hell, when we discard garbage from the ISS we burn it up in our atmosphere and breath the crap within a few weeks.

  2. There are many countries in the world today – which are like India 60 years Ago. The success of Chandrayaan I is message to them ..
    “that they can too make it big….with or without support of the developed” countries.

    Further India gave a free ride to some of these nations.. who once refused the support on various occassions.

    Indian space programme contribution to people has been enormous – though always tied up with shoe string budget.

    hence…space science really makes difference.

  3. Good for India!! Perhaps now the west might take missions to the Moon a little bit more seriously. The sooner the space flight economy can be a worthwhile business investment the better.

    Can you imagine if it was India to be the first to land a man/woman on Mars, that really would be showing up the rest of the planet!


  4. It will be hard to wipe out humanity if we’re everywhere.

    To the first comment about resources, going to space would provide more resources than people. In our own Sun-Earth orbit the Near Earth Objects would be like finding a hunk of mineral the size of India, you could spend a lifetime just extracting the first 1% of it. And if India claims NEO-India there’s another one nearby you can have all to yourself.

    Furthermore, if you’re not growing, your dying, as our European friends are learning, they are being replaced generation by generation by the reproducing immigrants. India’s done a good job of growing, perhaps they are better suited to represent the species than the self-destructive cultures.

  5. Shouldn’t the title for this article say “We say excited the same in every language!” ?

    I can believe that people are unhappy with another country progressing to space capabilities. Without each other, who do we have?

  6. Just so you know, we Indians have thounsands of languages, and as such there is Indian Language and we mostly use English and Hindi to communicate with ppl who speak a different language.. Anyway why whould anyone care if the entire galaxy looks like a slum.. In the long run the survival of our species is the most important thing and even though a billion ppl have been crammed in here, I assure you most of us who are lucky enough to be not Poor in here are as happy as anyone in the developed countries…

  7. And the guys are Tamil :).. The language spoken by a averaged sized state in south india and that happens to be my mother tongue and it was an amazing video.. thanks a lot for posting this…

  8. To Kakhed:- India may in parts be a slum and suffered appalling poverty, shocking hygiene, huge inequalities but did you see London and Paris in the 18th and 19th centuries?

  9. “Over a billion people crammed into a place about the size of Brazil. Soylent Green – that’s what will happen to the moon when they and the Chinese take over.

    – That is amazing optimism about the Indian and Chinese space programmes. It is doubtful that the Indians/Chinese themselves are so optimistic.

    “See that flag on the moon? It’s American.”

    – Just wait for a few days. It will be Indian.

  10. Dear Sriram,

    Just digressing a little, “poor” people aren’t necessarily unhappy, “not poor” people aren’t necessarily happy.

    People in developed countries do lead a more “comfortable” life (in general) than the ones elsewhere, but I never heard anyone say that the former are always happier than the latter.

    Anyway…, it was good to watch the video.

  11. For your information, India got freedom only 60 years ago. When British left India, it was a undeveloped exploited wasteland.

    Look at it now. Its a nuclear power, space power, IT giant, one of the world’s fastest growing country. Indian Airforce is the most active in Asia. Its a world’s largest democracy.

    So I guess you can’t blame it for its minor blemishes. U.S and other countries have been prosperous always.

    Ok screw this, why talk about nationalism ? We’re all human and thats the bottomline. We’re all the same. Lets conquer the UNIVERSE !!!

  12. # George_McCain Says:
    October 23rd, 2008 at 10:32 am

    “I agree. The moon is better left in the hands of the west.
    See that flag on the moon? It’s American.
    I don’t see an Indian or Chinese flag up there.”

    Your comment makes so little sense that it caused my computer to crash. Yeah – keep on reveling in past glories. Too bad you have no vision for the future…

  13. Oh we Americans have a vision of the future all right – it’s one where India has taken all our jobs and muslim extremists rule everywhere.

    But hey, you keep rooting for India’s little budding space program, ya hear?

  14. Congratulations, India. Your pride is well justified and a joy to hear. Looking forward to many more launches.

  15. Hindustan Times says NASA employees are sending their resumes to ISRO.

    The exodus has begun.

    Thanks a lot, India.

    Looking so forward to my new Soylent Green lifestyle.

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