Got a Green Idea? Win $25,000

From the people that brought you the X PRIZE and the Google Lunar X PRIZE comes something new that’s a little more down to Earth. However they also say it’s crazy. But if you’re handy with a video camera, care about the environment, and are interested in winning a nice chunk of spare change, this might be up your alley. The $25,000 “What’s your crazy green idea?” Video Contest was just announced, and the X PRIZE folks are looking to find out what crazy ideas are out there that could become the next big thing for the environoment. “Before something is a breakthrough, it’s a crazy idea,” they say, and the X PRIZE Foundation is looking for your crazy green ideas to become the next X PRIZE. Here’s a video for more information:

Here are the rules:

1. Submit a 2 minute video to this group by October 31, 2008 explaining what you think should be the next Energy and Environment X PRIZE. Here’s the link.

2. The three most viable ideas will be posted on the X PRIZE website on November 15.

3. The public will be given two weeks to vote for the winner on the same site. The most creative, revolutionary idea and video will receive $25,000 and it could become the next great X PRIZE.

Be sure that your video answers the following questions:

1. What is the Grand Challenge or world-wide problem that you are trying to solve?
2. What is the specific prize idea (goal, rules, judging criteria)?
3. How will this prize lead to benefits for humanity?

Good luck!

Source: The Launch Pad