Listen to Terra Chat Live Tonight: Cosmic Occurances, Planet X and Space Travel (Update)

Update: The Terra Chat show recording is now available online as an mp3 if you missed the live broadcast…

In a follow-up radio interview on Blog Talk Radio’s Terra Chat, I will be Colin Knight’s special guest to briefly discuss my recent Universe Today 2012 articles and then chat about my thoughts on space travel and Mars colonization. I previously appeared with Colin on June 8th to discuss the Mayan 2012 Prophecy, so I’m overjoyed to be invited back.

If you are interested and want to listen in to Colin Knight’s Terra Chat show, with me as his guest, go to the Blog Talk Radio: Terra Chat homepage and you’ll find the live radio feed.

Time: Thursday July 10th 2008, 10pm Eastern Time (7pm Pacific Time)

More information on tonight’s show »

I have another follow-up show on Paranormal Radio at the end of the month with Captain Jack, so I’ll keep you posted (listen to my previous appearance). Cheers, Ian