Paranormal Radio’s “2012 Just Another Day” Show Now Available!

On June 10th, I was invited on Captain Jack’s Paranormal Radio show to chat about the various 2012 Doomsday scenarios. We had a great time for three hours talking about everything from the Mayan calendar and Planet X to the Phoenix Mars Mission and Saturn. The show has just been made available as an MP3 that should be easy to listen to on your podcast-grabbing equipment, or your favorite media player on your computer.

Download the Paranormal Radio “2012 Just Another Day” show with Captain Jack and myself (hosted at »


And in case you missed it, the first radio show I did with Colin Knight on Terra Chat (dated June 8th) is still online.

I’ve been invited back to both Paranormal Radio and Terra Chat for future shows, so I’ll post any news as I get it.

Cheers! Ian

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  1. Sadly this thing is necessary. I was playing volleyball this morning with some friends and someone started talking about how a “science show” (yeah, right) had been talking about 2012 and hold three different civilizations had made it their doomsday date and all about pole shifts and solar flares.

    She and her daughter both seemed to think the 2012 “coincidence” was spooky and something to be concerned about, so I tried my best, between gasping for breath playing volleyball 🙂 to disabuse her of those silly notions.

    No doubt it was a show on either the History Channel of the Discovery Channel. I wish they would stop propagating this nonsense.

  2. I frequently blog stories about various current issues, and lately I’ve blogged a lot of stuff about why 2012 is not going to be the Big Fat Deal that so many deluded souls seem to think it will be. Somebody commented that “There is MUCH to be discovered close at hand…things that are NOT minor. Check this out Wake UP for Christ sake! There is rapid change occurring in our solar system, right now. Nibiru or not..there will be dramatic change..and soon.” Upon checking out the linked article, I found that there was nothing in there about things going on in the Solar System. Such hysterics are pathetic — and all too widespread. Nothing gets through to such ignorance, unfortunately. {sigh}

  3. Hi Yael. Unfortunately, the doomsayers have one powerful tool science can never touch: Fear. No matter how many times I write an article about the facts behind 2012, there is another badly thought out end of the world theory scaring people into believing 2012 is it.

    The doomsday theorists fall into three categories as far as I can tell:
    1) The believer – just an ordinary person who believes “something” will happen. These guys are rational and intelligent, but believe (out of superstition or otherwise), that there might be something to these 2012 theories. This is the group I am targeting with these articles as they are most likely to listen. Often they have genuine worries about 2012 and I’ve had many messages of relief from this group after they’ve read my articles.
    2) The profiteer – these guys are the ones at the end of the trail, feeding inaccurate science and poor arguments into the world trying to convince people that their theory is “right”. These guys are most likely to be selling a book or DVD. These guys are the easiest to debunk. They don’t care about debating what they believe in, they simply write about half-truths and inaccurate science (take the Planet X rubbish for instance).
    3) The fanatic – This group won’t listen to reason and will have very strong (often illogical) views about the end of the world. They will argue from the heart and be very passionate about their belief. No matter what scientific proof I present, they will ignore it and force their belief across. I cannot influence their thoughts on this matter. These guys will have the “doomsday websites” with their views on why the “evidence is all around us” that the world will end in 2012.

    #1 and #3 I can handle, but it’s the guys in group #2 that really get me angry! Profiting from peoples fear is one of the oldest tricks in the book, and people will continue to buy doomsday books based on poor science and prophecy until the world really ends. We can’t do anything about this, apart from write convincing counter-arguments as to why their theories are inaccurate.

    Phew! Right, back to article writing 😉

    Cheers, Ian 😀

  4. I think some of you are missing the motivation. Everyone keeps talking about fear as a motivation for doomsayers. Have you ever spoke to someone that holds to one of those beliefs? Most of the time they are thrilled. I think there is a strong desire by some people to see the current way of living end. I think this is healthy in a society, it is a more positive element of subversive thought. Society will change and is changing dramatically, it has been since mankind stood erect. If you take 100,000 people and put them in a village I think a certain number will be unhappy will the way it’s run regardless of how it is run. (outside the crime spectrum) Most of them will not have an ability to effect change in that village. Without the ability to effect change some will leave, some will tell them it’s all wrong and some will hope and pray for cataclysm as a method of change. If you asked even the most hardcore of these Zombigeddan cracks what they think needs to be changed in society today or what will happen ‘after’ they would discribe their personal utopian society or the distopian aftermath with themselves in a position of power and respect. My position is that these feelings are quite natural to humans and manifest in the frustrations of those in a society that feel poorly adapted. The growing number of people willing to embrace these ideas represent a serious problem that shouldn’t be ignored. To me it represents the overall mental health of a population. By the same token I have seen more smokers lately, why? I have asked smokers have they been smoking more, and they say yes or I had quite but now I started again. Clearly overall stress levels in our country have increased, the smoking is manifest of the stress. In the same way a willingness and interest in doomsday is manifest of an increasing portion of society that feels disenfranchised and unable to effect change, or adapt to the current conditions.

  5. This is exactly why having guests such as Ian on the air is so important.

    When you look back through the ages, the world is always about to end. From 1989 to the Y2K bug, in which my mother thought the world would end and the only way to survive was to buy a lot of batteries.. not sure why she felt copper tops would save the world, but this is a type of hysteria that needs to be balanced via cooler head prevailing with logic.

    Once people become panicky they lose all rational thought. They will hold on to their beliefs with an iron fist and will be blind to all you try and teach them.

    Having Ian on does not change the minds of those who hold fast to their beliefs that the world is going to end in 2012, but for some who have heard it and perhaps know very little about it, it might be enough to help them seek their own answers and realize the truth.

    The Mayan people did not predict the end of the world with their calender, they simply did not add enough dates.

    We might all wish it to end should oil prices continue rising! 🙂


  6. Whenever I click on the link to the radio show, I get a pop up asking for my password. So, unless someone can tell me what I’m doing wrong, I won’t be able to listen to Ian setting us straight on 2012.

  7. My thoughts are as follows. We’re making a big deal about almost nothing. I say almost because 2012 is the year that the solar system crosses the central plane of the galaxy. I think maybe at most there could be a gravitational change because of being dead center. From the Mayan’s perspective, their calendar ends. They didn’t foresee anything after it. That’s fine. The planet will still be here the next day. We will still be here the next day. I really don’t know what else to make of it, with some saying the world will end and others saying that it will be the beginning of “enlightenment”. I’m not gonna go crazy trying to figure it out because all of the past doomsday prophecies have gone down the toilet.

  8. Unless you lived 6000 years ago,travelled 5 years into the future or have travelled the outer limits of space,why should anyone listen to you?You get your facts from where?The internet?books?”studies”?You’re just as much in the dark as anyone else.As for fear,we all fear the motives of politicians and world leaders,not some natural disaster.I could make peace with an unusual yet forecasted world change but I won’t ever accept three things
    #1-Skeptics who brush off possibilities of danger and laugh off people who are upset with today’s political climate and misinformation,the cause for alarm here is this factor more than anything.
    #2-People who but do little else,believing their attained information can predict such an event,let alone the nerve of people thinking they know or understand ancient text and civilization,because in actuality,nobody knows shit about the past and digging up some bones and dusting off some vases is hardly understanding.
    #3-blind faith of any kind,shape or form,opinions with no basis,concluding something is absolutly impossibile..Did you know Soy is poisonous?Exactly,nobody knows shit except the big guns and they are not very friendly and forth coming so do me and everyone else a favor and wait till after 2012 before you term people “fanatics”,do not call living,thinking people fanatics for using their brains and exploring for themselves because the evidence on the other hand doesn’t look as absurd as you may believe.
    You are ruling out pole shifts,solar orbits and ancient communication and wisdom,why? I have no idea.For example,the pyramids are built so precisely and accurately yet the Egyptians beliefs are “myth”.That is pretty fricken insulting,just take what you can use and what your brains are able to register and ignore and dismiss what you cannnot fathom.That’s not an intelligent response or conclusion.This site is as much of problem as it is a solution.I must ask again,where do you come from and how do you know for absolute sure?For your information,I hope this doesn’t happen but it would be best to rid the world of the horribly destructive ASSUMING parasite that is the “human being”.

  9. One thing that is certainly interesting to note is that ancient civilizations were in contact with so called “sun gods” who clearly were not myth, were not human. This is a fact. Like it or not UFOs are also a fact. Certainly these civilizations had access to advanced information which we do not know about. It is clearly evident that ancient pyramids around the world defy what we are able to accomplish with our most advanced technologies today. We do not know who built them or how they were built. These are facts.
    I belong to the aforementioned group of people who are dissatisfied with the current state of this planet and it is for this reason that i HOPE for some sort of wake up call for humanity. It doesn’t necessarily have to be “Armageddon” but the state of our civilization is sad. It is pathetic and we all need to work together with our neighbors to fix it. I personally hope that all of the (mis)information surrounding this date becomes ingrained into our subconsciousness and we are able to attain the “awakening” which so many speak of. This would be my ideal scenario. Love your brother and make peace with yourself. Stop expecting the world outside of you to change and change yourself. If we all do this, this will be the big “pole shift” it will be a pole shift in mentality. The internet is something wonderful that we take for granted. It should be a place for open discussion not ego-driven arguments. We all have something to share, we are all here for a reason (yes,even the new agers LOL). I hope that we realize this soon. We don’t need more negativity. This is my message to the world.


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