Listen to Terra Chat Live Tonight: 2012 and the Mayan Prophecy (Updated)

Update (Monday, June 9th):
Listen to the recorded show from last night (June 8th) with Colin Knight and myself.

In response to my Universe Today 2012 articles (“No Doomsday in 2012” and “2012: No Planet X“), I’ve been invited by two radio shows to chat about the fuss surrounding the 2012 doomsday prophecies. I had no idea these articles would cause such a stir! I’ve taken the view that there is very little scientific evidence for many of the different “end of the world” scenarios, and I remain highly sceptical of any theory that proclaims to predict the future (especially the much-hyped Planet X). There are a few more articles in the pipeline, so watch this space.

If you are interested and want to listen in to Colin Knight’s Terra Chat show, with me as his guest, go to the Blog Talk Radio: Terra Chat homepage and you’ll find the live radio feed. Looks like fun!

Time: Sunday June 8th 2008, 10pm Eastern Time

More information on tonight’s show »

I have another show on Tuesday night, so I’ll post that information closer to the time. Cheers, Ian

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  1. hehe, I think I’ll leave the Maya numerical system to the pros 😉 Give me the theory on Planet X and I’ll be having lots of fun 🙂

    I’ll make a note of that though, thanks for making the time to send me a Mayan cheat sheet

    Cheers, Ian 😀

  2. Here is a cras-course in the Mayan numeral system which goes like this:

    [o] = 0
    [.] = 1
    [….] = 4
    [-] = 5
    [–] = 10
    [–..] = 12
    [—….] = 19
    [.][o] = 20
    [.][o][o] = 400
    [.][.][o] = 420
    [.][.][-…] = 428
    [.][..][-…] = 448
    [-…][-…][-….] = 3369
    [.][.][…][-….] = 8469

    But when talking about dates it goes like this…

    [.][o][o] = 360 instead of 400 …. so don’t let them throw that curveball on you if it comes up 🙂

  3. To sdrawkcab:

    All my conclusions are based on fact-less belief, obviously (yep, I’m being sarcastic).

    Come on, I never drew the comparison between ours and the Mayan understanding of mathematics. In the show with Colin we discussed the fact that the Mayans did have an astonishingly advanced understanding of mathematics and astronomy. I wouldn’t say they had our understanding, but they certainly had an advanced view on how the universe worked.

    My main point behind these articles is not to prove or disprove the Maya civilization or their calendar or their beliefs; I’m focusing on modern doomsday myths that have no scientific basis (re: the “evidence” for Planet X).

    I also do not have an advanced knowledge of the Mayan teachings, I wish I did.

    However, I would like to think my investigation into the modern interpretations of the Mayan Prophecy are erroneous has provided some food for thought. There are way too many frightening scenarios about the end of the world in 2012, it’s about time we begin shedding some light on whether there is any proof behind the claims.

    There are many prophecies, myths and possible futures; I believe interpreting ancient teachings as a doomsday scenario IS very short-sighted.

    Ian 😉

  4. Hehe, sorry sdrawkcab, looks like we both got our wires crossed 🙂 As far as the polar shift theory is concerned, I’m not totally clear on the details about the consequences of such a magnetic phenomenon. People are saying that there will be earthquakes, volcanic activity, collapse of civilization etc etc, but I am currently getting to the bottom of the reality of such a shift. Whist I don’t believe it would happen quietly, I am interested just how much it will influence us here on the surface. As for predicting this event (which happens every few hundred thousand years) will occur on Dec 21st 2012… well, “unlikely” is an understatement.

    Many have connected the polar shift with the solar cycle – now this is something I am very dubious about and I hope to address this in another article.

    Apologies again for misinterpreting your comment 🙂

    To Jerry: The advertising is up to Google Ads, UT doesn’t choose who appears on the page. If you have a serious issue with the advertising, send a message with some specifics so we can understand where your problem is.

    Cheers, Ian

  5. So I take it you have studied modern advanced mathematics as well as mayan in order to make the comparision and come to the conclusion that the mayans had more advanced maths or is your conclusion just based on a factless belief?

  6. The mayans are a fascinating civilization with impressive technical knowledge for their time, this should be interesting and impressive enough for people without having to resort to fantasy, personally I find reality far more amazing than the simple feeble imaginings of the human mind, especially the particularly simple fantasies that people into fantasy over reality perpetuate, I think if these people bothered to learn a bit of real knowledge they would be amazed at how more amazing reality is over their simple fantasies. I think the belief in a lot of this nonsense just demonstrates a lazy and ignorant mind.
    I for one am very interested in the reality of the mayans.

  7. Goodluck with your attempt to enlighten doomsday believers with fact, I really think you will need it but i really do hope it makes a difference, I don’t think you can change the minds of the people who perpetuate this stuff(not just the ones making money) but the idle people who these people talk to will have another opinion to listen to, for these people you should make a difference so good on you.

  8. Actually I realise now that I got my wires crossed on what you meant by pole shift, I was thinking of geomagnetic reversal which is proven to occur and does not result in any problems.

  9. Say, what is the basis for such a prophecy in the first place? Is there a translated manuscript or heiroglyph or anything of that nature?

  10. 6/10/08 AM Just received the article on the Mayan prophecy radio show that was on LAST Sunday. (6/08/08) A liitle late with the News! When will I receive info on tonights show. Mayan’s may not know when the end of time is coming, but the predicted it well in advance to give people time to “Tune IN”

  11. It is the revenge of Minor Planet Pluto! Wasn’t Pluto known as Planet X when being searched for?

  12. Well the Doomsday Cult that hid in the cave said the world would end in March 2008 and we’re still here.
    The boy who cried wolf game. The third time doomsday may happen for real in 2012 we shall see. I’ll believe it when I see it.

  13. Anyone interested in finding out what’s going on with 2012

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    this shows that numbers affect people not nature

    this shows that 2012 obsessions and 9/11 obsessions are connected

    this shows that the calender changing in 2012 is the western one, but only in its indirect affects

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    this shows that fears about the end of time/world are actually fears about the end of the year.

    Blue Electric Monkey

  14. what is the true thuing? i’ve seen that theres a treath or giving warned to us that nibiru is coming…i saw one in the cellphone of my friend.

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