“Starlight Zone” Interview Now Online

The interview that I (Nancy) did with the “Starlight Zone” radio show from station 2NUR FM in Newcastle, Australia back on June 19 is now online (or just listen below). It’s only five minutes long, so if you need a short diversion to your day…. We talked about the concept of a one-way trip to Mars and the Phoenix mission.

Col Maybury, who does the show was a very fun guy to talk with. Check out all the past interviews he’s done with various “spacey” people on 2NUR’s “Starlight Zone” website.


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  1. Would someone estimate the cost of a one-way trip to mars – it must still be huge (tens/hundreds of billions) to have any chance of success. Save the money and build 12 bio-analysis rovers and really figure out if there’s life on Mars or not. The official scientific answer of “we don’t know” is just not gonna cut it any more. It’s just to obvious a question that needs to be answered to have resulted in a pathetic two attempts to find it in 50 years. I can say from first hand conversations with the non-space oriented public – microbes or rudimentary life on Mars is just no big deal. If there’re cold feet to finding an announcing life on Mars then get over it and get on with it. Arguing about whether pluto should be classified a planet or whether we would ever send an intential one-way mission is marginally entertaining, but appears very distracting from the main issue – it’s been 50 years and we still don’t know if there’s any life on Mars? Really? Sign up some new defenders of this ignorance, because the current set is a joke.

  2. Sorry, the end of that last comment was not directed at Universetoday.com, the article, or those featured in it…..some of what I read on the internet gets very frustrating….it just carried over into that last comment.

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