2012: Planet X is not Nibiru

The Solar System’s outer reaches still contain many minor planets yet to be discovered. Ever since the search for Planet X began in the early 20th Century, the possibility of a hypothetical planet orbiting the Sun beyond the Kuiper Belt has fuelled many Doomsday theories and speculation that Planet X is actually the Sun’s long lost binary sibling. But why the fear about the Planet X/Doomsday combination? Surely Planet X is just an unknown, hypothetical object and nothing sinister?

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As I’ve previously discussed in “2012: No Planet X“, doomsayers have linked the modern day search for Planet X, the ancient Mayan 2012 Prophecy and the Sumerian mythical planet Nibiru, culminating in bad news for December 21st 2012. However, the astronomical evidence for these links is seriously flawed.

Yesterday (Wednesday, June 18th), Japanese researchers announced news that their theoretical search for a large mass in the outer Solar System has produced results. From their calculations, there might just be a planet, possibly a bit bigger than a Plutoid but certainly smaller than Earth orbiting beyond 100 AU from the Sun. But before we get carried away, this is not Nibiru, this is not proof of the end of the world in 2012; it is a new and very exciting development in the search for minor planets beyond the Kuiper Belt…

In a new theoretical simulation, two researchers have deduced that the outermost reaches of the Solar System may contain an undiscovered planet. Patryk Lykawka and Tadashi Mukai of Kobe University have published a paper in the Astrophysical Journal detailing a minor planet that they believe may be interacting with the mysterious Kuiper Belt.

Kuiper Belt Objects (KBOs)
Large bodies are known to exist beyond the orbit of Pluto, like Sedna (NASA)

The Kuiper Belt occupies a huge region of space, approximately 30-50 AU from the Sun. It contains a vast number of rocky and metallic objects, the largest known body being the dwarf planet (or “Plutoid”) Eris. It has been known for many years that the Kuiper Belt has a few strange characteristics that may signal the presence of another large planetary body orbiting the Sun beyond the Kuiper Belt. One such feature is the aptly named “Kuiper Cliff” that occurs at 50 AU. This is an abrupt end to the Kuiper Belt, very few Kuiper Belt objects (or KBOs) have been observed beyond this point. This cliff cannot be attributed to orbital resonances with massive planets such as Neptune, and there doesn’t appear to be any obvious observational error. Many astronomers believe that such a sharp cut-off in KBO population may be due to an as-yet to be discovered planet, possibly as large as Earth. This is an object Lykawka and Mukai believe they have calculated to exist.

Eight of the largest trans-Neptunian objects (Wikimedia Commons)

This research predicts a large object, 30-70% the mass of the Earth, orbiting at a distance of around 100-200 AU from the Sun. This object may also help explain why some KBOs and tran-Neptunian objects (TNOs) have some strange orbital characteristics (such as Sedna).

Ever since Pluto was discovered in 1930, astronomers have been looking for another more massive body that could explain the orbital perturbations observed in the orbits of Neptune and Uranus. This search became known as the “search for Planet X”, which literally meant the “search for an as yet unidentified planet.” In the 1980’s these perturbations were put down to observational error. Therefore, the modern-day scientific search for Planet X is the search for a large KBO or a minor planet beyond. Although Planet X may not be larger than the mass of the Earth, researchers are still very excited about finding more KBOs, possibly the size of a Plutoid, possibly a little bigger, but not much bigger.

The interesting thing for me is the suggestion of the kinds of very interesting objects that may yet await discovery in the outer solar system. We are still scratching the edges of that region of the solar system, and I expect many surprises await us with the future deeper surveys.” – Mark Sykes, Director of the Planetary Science Institute in Arizona.

Planet X is not scary
The orbit of the hypothetical planet Nibiru (Sitchin.com)
So where does Nibiru come in? Back in 1976 a controversial book called “The Twelfth Planet” was written by Zecharia Sitchin. Sitchin had interpreted some ancient Sumerian cuneiform texts (the earliest known form of writing) as a literal translation of the origin of humankind. These 6000 year old texts apparently reveal that an alien race known as the Annunaki travelled to Earth on a planet called Nibiru. It’s a long and involved story, but in a nutshell, the Anunnaki genetically modified primates on Earth to create homo sapiens to be their slaves. (I just worked out where the storyline for Kurt Russell’s 1994 movie Stargate probably came from…)

When the Anunnaki left Earth, they let us rule the planet until they return. All this may seem a little fantastical, and perhaps a little too detailed when considering it is a literal translation from 6000 year old texts. Sitchin’s work has been disregarded by the scientific community as many of his methods of interpretation are considered imaginative at best. Nevertheless, many people have taken Sitchin’s work literally, and believe Nibiru (in its highly eccentric orbit around the Sun) will be returning, possibly as soon as 2012 to cause all sorts of terror and destruction here on Earth. It is important to note here that I am not calling into question any archaeological, spiritual or historic evidence for Nibiru, I am simply pointing out the link between the 2012 Doomsday Planet X theory is based on very dubious astronomical “discoveries”; if this is the case, how can Planet X be considered to be the embodiment of Nibiru?

Then there’s the IRAS “discovery of a brown dwarf in the outer Solar System” in 1984 and the “NASA announcement of a 4-8 Earth mass planet travelling toward Earth” in 1993. Doomsayers (often with a book to sell) cling on to these astronomical discoveries as proof that Nibiru is in fact the Planet X astronomers have been searching for over the last century. Not only that, by manipulating the facts about these scientific studies, they “prove” that Nibiru is travelling toward us, and by 2012, this massive body will pass through the inner Solar System, causing all sorts of gravitational damage. For more information on this topic, see “2012: No Planet X.”

In its purest form, Planet X is an unknown, theoretically possible planet orbiting peacefully beyond the Kuiper Belt. If yesterday’s announcement does lead to the observation of a planet or Plutoid, it will be an incredible discovery that will help to shed some light on the evolution and characteristics of the mysterious outer reaches of the Solar System.

But as I write, I can guarantee that doomsayers are adapting this new research to be used as support for their nonsensical theories that Planet X is in fact Nibiru, and it’s coming in our direction by 20 12 2012. Why do I get the feeling we’ll still be here in the year 2013?

Leading image credits: MIT (supernova simulation), NASA (Pluto and Charon). Effects and editing: myself.

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  1. what I dont get is how can we detect planets millions of light years away and yet we cant see one in our own neighborhood.

  2. Millions of light years away? Was any of the microlensing planets that distant? I doubt it, although it’s possible, I guess. By that method objects are detectable at very long distances.

    Anway, the reason we have a tougher time finding out some things in our neighborhood than their distant equivalents is the same reason why we know a whole lot better what’s the global structure of faraway galaxies than our own. It’s not as easy to study many things from the inside than it is from the outside. To know what’s the shape of a distant galaxy we just have to look at it, wereas we need to make all sorts of inferences and deep studies to understand how the stars that surround us build up the Milky Way.

    And the methods used to detect extrasolar planets are simply impossible to use to detect anything we still haven’t found in our system. We only have sun transits of Mercury and Venus (and the Moon, of course), which we’ve known about for ever, and the tug distant and small planets exhert in the Sun is totally undetectable.

  3. This article is talking about objects 100 AU out – what’s the furthest out any of the detected extrasolar plantes are?

  4. @jorge

    True statement. As an example, just look at the various estimates for the number of stars in the Milky Way. I have seen 100B, 200B, and 400B (never 300B…wonder why?) as estimates for the Milky Way’s star count. It is definitely easier to work from outside than inside.

    BTW, what’s the current concensus for the number of stars in the Milky Way?

    – Mikel

  5. As my father says, and he is wise enough at 105 to have outlive many friends and relatives, “the End of Civilization and the World is the day you die.”

    Challenge that scientifically, not with religious masturbations.

  6. @Colin

    According to the Extrasolar Planets Encyclopedia, a few non-stellar bodies have been found ar greater distances from their primary, but they are all very large objects, 14Mj and more. The record is at 670 AU.

    Then, there’s a 4Mj planet at 46 AU and a 2.5Mj planet at 23 AU, but this one orbits a pulsar, not a star.

    The bulk of extrasolar planetary detections, however (almost 300 now), goes upto 5 AU, more or less where Jupiter is. Our system has 3 more giant planets beyond that…

  7. We can detect extrasolar planets because, so far, they are massive and close to their stars, and thus affect the stars in ways we can detect from a long, long way away. (i.e. by passing in front of a star changing it’s apparent brightness or tugging on the position of the star causing it’s motion to wobble).

    Conversely planets out in the Kuiper Belt are tiny, dark, and cold and slip through the darkness without affecting anything around them, so they are very much harder to detect even if they are thousands of times closer than exoplanets.

    Plus we know where to look for exoplanets — we study nearby stars and can focus on them. That’s just not possible with Plutoids and then there’s millions of background stars that get in the way too.

  8. By the way, Sitchen is a fool, but not so foolish that he hasn’t been able to make a very nice living peddling his nonsense to his credulous readers.

  9. Every 6,000 years, planet Nibura comes back into the main solar system and basically destroys it.

    By my math, planet Nibura has destroyed the solar system 75.7 million times so far.

  10. Damn, that is a lot of destruction.. And our planet has managed to coalesce and thrive so quickly!
    I recently returned from the Grand Canyon (again), and it makes me think.. That is some impressive work for just 6000 years. I suppose that if I stay there for just a few days I should see it happening before my eyes.

  11. “# Ralph Rewes Says:
    June 19th, 2008 at 1:29 pm

    As my father says, and he is wise enough at 105 to have outlive many friends and relatives, “the End of Civilization and the World is the day you die.”

    Challenge that scientifically, not with religious masturbations.”

    You made the claim – so the burden of proof is on you. Prove it scientifically, without resorting to philosophical masturbations, and I might hear him out.

    But yeah, it’s the end of the universe as far as the dead person is concerned alright.

  12. As much as Im not a religious nut in any way shape or form, truth is death may not be the end of the universe for a person. It may just be another chapter in a beings existence.

    And another theory I would like to suggest. Maybe Nibiru is the flying spagehtti monster.

    The entire idea of an object the size of earth rolling through the solar system is simply hysterical. There is no way an object that size would survive travelling through the asteroid belt, let alone not leave any evidence that is hasn’t disrupted anything around it.

    It fits right in with the theory of how the universe is only 11000 light years across and we were put here in modern society. What a joke

  13. Steve –
    Although this Nibiru thing is of course farce, a dumb idea, any knowledgeable person knows it, it is my understanding that in the asteroid belt the appreciable objects are separated on an average of a million miles or so.. So…. And if you put all of that material together it would be smaller than our moon (from what I remember).. But artists’ renditions always look cool.

  14. I agree Al,
    But the fact Im trying to point out is, there would be a large amount of gravitational disturance on the rocks. Although the object in question may not directly hit an asteriod, it is certainly going to cause a large disturbance over an area larger than a million kilometers. If the earth can hold a body the size of the moon at 1/4 that distance, a rock that is only a few km in diamter is going to have either its orbit significantly changed, or be shot out it period. Same goes for any objects within a relatively close distance…say 5million miles.

    Im just saying the evidence would be there to easily detect an object causing a major disturbance in the field

  15. Of course… I was just saying that there really isn’t any point to try to rationalize with the ‘believers’.. It is a ridiculous idea and we know it.. But no harm in having fun with it.. 🙂

  16. Any possibilities that larger actual planets, say Earth to Jovian size, do exist, but in the Oort Cloud? I would think that if they were far enough away, they would have little impact on the orbits of the known planets, and if they didn’t emit light of any kind, they wouldn’t be detectable with our current technology. I recall reading somewhere not that long ago that some astronomers hypothesize a potential binary companion to the sun, a red or brown dwarf, but so far out that it had an orbital period of many millions of years.

  17. I’m not an expert on such things but my opinion (if you care) is that I think it could be possible for a body (or bodies) that size to be out there. We don’t know enough yet. There may even be something significant just past the Kuiper belt. It seems that the belt abruptly stops at a certain distance. Usually means that something has cleared a path.. Who knows? I’m a bit more skeptical of us being part of a binary system, though. No physical data from what I know.. Just my thoughts for what it’s worth..

  18. What did I do to deserve my comments getting erased? Were my ideas to complex? I was just stirring up controversy. I’ll sound a little more scientific. I strongly agree with some people on here when they were talking about how Nibiru destroyed the earth many times and then it repaired itself. When put like that Nibiru seems like another lie.

  19. Hi Mars, I started deleting your comments because you’re spamming. You are coming into my house (Universe Today), and then making the resource I make freely available to readers to use as your own personal communications platform. Start your own website if you want a way to communicate your philosophies to the public. If you were making on-topic comments about specific stories, that would be fine, but you’ve clearly got an ax to grind, across many stories. And many of your comments are longer than the stories themselves. Really… go start a blog of your own.

  20. Cain
    Alright man. Your right. I hadn’t a clue that you took things so seriously.

  21. i was actually tempted to write something to that last response – but i guess it’s just a waste of time,

    beliefs of whatever kind are rock solid and mostly unchangeable – only by experience maybe, so why bother

  22. i think this a load of junk. they have no real evidence anyway. i belive science not the other junk. if it was true they would have come75.7 million times so far and the whole universe would probably be destroyed. so the evidence is very much with science. who actually belives the 2012 doomsday stuff anyway. its just the end of a calender!!!!

  23. My few comments that I have about Niribu is simple.
    First, personally I think that Sitchin’s work is interesting and fun stuff, and it may lead to nothing but a farce, but hey…if you actually read his work, some of it is quite educating. At least from a historical perspective. The fact is, whether Sitchin is crazy or not, he was passionate to do an extraordinary amount of research. Whenever reading anything like that I always check the bibliography and then check the references. It’s an anal retentive thing. Anyhow, the man did his research. Period.
    So, as to what I believe, I personally believe in the prophesy’s of 2012, though I do not think that it as extreme as the extremists portray. As a scientist I have come to find that usually any real truth tends to gravitate towards a center/middle ground. The grey of the road. So will something happen. Sure…something will most definitely happen. Lol…but will it be a doomsday, maybe, but probably not to the extent many believe. My place on it is I live everyday in the now, but the Mayans where on to something. I mean 3,000 year ago these guys were able to do things that just recently in our modern advancements have become available to us. (by modern I say the last 100 years) I was also a boy scout…laugh all you want….and I was taught to be prepared. So, I take anything I hear seriously until I can prove it wrong. In my opinion it’s ignorant not to. Plus, another way I look at I is simply this: come 12/21/2012 if nothing happens….Great! but by chance something does happen, and I’m not prepared, or at least educated on what is happening, and my children look to me and say, “Dad, what’s going on?” and I tell them…I can imagine that the next question will fall very closely to this, “You knew? Why didn’t you do something about it?”

    It’s that simple folks. I am not about to look my children in the eye, at any point in their lives, and stand see the horror that may arise because of something I could have done, and chose not to because I thought it was ridiculous. That would be idiotic. Period.
    So any theory that comes out, or prophecy told, you better believe that I do my research. I do so for the sake of my children and the rest of my friends and family. And of course, in the end, maybe it will come of nothing…But if it does, I want to be as ready as possible.
    And what have I gotten out of all my research….well it’s a lot…and niribu and 2012 and all of it, may not be as crazy as it sounds. As for Niribu, it’s unlikely, as for many other things, well, the proof on close to the fence, but gradually, every month or so, through new things I find, moves further away from that fence line and closer to Prophecies Side.
    Take my two cents for what it’s worth…

  24. Jorge,

    Whether that comment is directed at me or anyone…if they truly are delusional then the destuction of those delusions is a blessing. Nothing to be sad about.

    LOL…and I’ll use it hear, but there have been many in science who have had there set of “delsuions” and came out on the positive end for believing in them. Einstein with relativity. Wright brother with the plane, columbus with world round and all that. “Delusions” I tell you. lol….If you had told a person 100 years ago that we would be able to send particales at super high speads so that they come crashing into each other exposing possibly the miracles of the creation of the universe, many would have said “delusional”. It is all relative brother. Remember that. Peace be with you.

  25. Well, my comment was a reply to ntoskrnl, which referred to Pavel Smutny. You’re a bit less delusional than he is. But you’re still very delusional if you really think there’s anything in Stitchin worth paying attention to. From false information to logical non-sequiturs, from claims without the least shred of evidence to support them to all sorts of pseudoscientific nonsense that contradicts pretty much everything we know about how the universe actually works, there’s everything in the guy’s so-called “work”.

    Stitchin is a crank with the same level of crankiness of the “face of Mars” crowd or some I found on the web a while back with a webpage claiming that Titan is full of life, conspirationally hidden (of course!) by NASA.

    A lunatic, in short.

    And no, I won’t discuss this idiocy any further. I much prefer waiting and seing what (doesn’t) happen 4 years from now. I’ve survived unscathed several “armageddons” already, and the only thing that I learned from them was how crappy all that crap really is, and how unwilling to learn some people are. Crackpots simply refuse to let some soundness enter their paranoid minds, and jump doomfully from armageddon to armageddon while the rest of us shake our heads in disbelief and live on, untouched by any of the successive ends the world has met.

    The next one is in 2012? Bring it on! I’m curious to see that idiocy you people will hatch to scare the clueless and the morons from 2013 onwards.

  26. IAN ;

    It was wonderful to read your review of Zecharia Sitchin’s book “The Twelfth Planet” .

    It is especially helpful for those who may not know any of the assumptions, interpretations and conjectures Sitchin has made from his translations of the Bible, Dead Sea Scrolls,and other ancient texts.

    He seems to be at least more credible than many others such as Erich Von Daniken .

    The Anunakai mentioned in the Sumerian cuniform texts have their origins in the imaginations of ancient story tellers , religious leaders or scribes.
    This seems to be the foundation for the Hebrew/Christian Old Testament .
    With so many translations , it is difficult to determine any historical facts about any of it.
    Sitchin has another book , “Devine Encounters” based on religious interpretations of the ancient players mentioned in these books.
    If you look at the phonie religious leaders of today , who can really care or believe anything these self serving charlatans say.
    There seems to be academic questions as to whether Jesus , Moses or some of the other main players ever existed .
    Abraham comes from the line going back to the Sumerians and their history which is the Anunakai.
    However , I do believe that everyone makes money writing books and so Sitchin may also have this right and , who knows , maybe he really believes in what he has surmised.

    I can not say he , or you , or anyone else does not believe that what they are writing is true because I am not a mind reader or a soothsayer or a psychic.

    The planet Nibiru exists and orbits the Sun every 3000 years according to Sitchin’s conjecture , but I don’t accept conjectures as facts nor do I stick my neck out and say a thing is impossible without much thought .

    Science learns from nature and imitates nature and invents approximations to nature but it is my belief that it can never understand nature 100%.

    And, if I as a scientist am subservient to nature and part of nature , obviously I would be a fool if I think I can know all of it.
    We have airplanes , Radar , Heat seeking missiles, Sonar and lots of stuff we copied from Nature.

    We lead a fragile existence and walk a tight rope and are just one species which has only lived on earth for maybe 100,000 to a million years or so and , with a limited brain power , and we know by using that small brain to observe nature that many species have become extinct via asteroid impacts , comet impacts, super volcanos, GRB’S ….gamma ray bursts and other natural events and who knows what else nature can or did throw at us.

    I marvel at how complacent and certain most young people and a few old people can be especially when they allow their egos to take over.

    I realize that if you can’t solve a problem or enigma involving people ….following the MONEY may lead you to the true motives much of the time but not all of the time.

    Many UFO and Big Foot enigmas were thought to be true and accepted until someone finally admitted they fabricated the whole thing …. and not for money even.

    If the author of a book says on his death bed he wrote it only for money I will believe him , but even then not 100 % because he could be delusional in his old age or something by the time he confesses.

    However , I do distrust all organized religions and am an agnostic.

    Mathematics is the bedrock foundation of all Science or maybe I should say a subset of Pure Mathematics called “Applied Mathematics” and the rest of Science is merely involved with copying Nature so all Scientists can really be sure of is the assumed probability of the accuracy of their “Applied Mathematical ” models .

    So lets get real , the uncertainty principle and paradoxes can occur in Science as well as in Mathematics and the Human Race has an uncertain future.

    2012 doesn’t worry me but 2013 may be the one to worry about so what we should be doing instead of worrying about it is to track those Asteroids and practice on diversion methods like Apollo Astronaut Schweikert proposes.

    Maybe we can hop on Nibiru and divert it too.

    Maybe Zecharia Sitchin and Ian Oneill can sit down and down a couple and iron all this conjecture stuff out …

  27. “Great! but by chance something does happen, and I’m not prepared, or at least educated on what is happening, and my children look to me and say, “Dad, what’s going on?” and I tell them…I can imagine that the next question will fall very closely to this, “You knew? Why didn’t you do something about it?”

    And what do you expect to do about it, exactly?

    Get out of the planet and push?

    The truth is that we could be destroyed by a massive gamma ray burst, supernovae, nuclear war, or plague * today *. There’s no sense worrying about it because there’s absolutely 0 chance of averting it.

  28. Of course. It all goes down to religious mumbo-jumbo. What else?

    Pavel, breaking news: you can die tomorrow. In fact, the likelyhood that you die tomorrow, flattened by a truck, of heart attack, shot dead by a stray bullet or in any other manner (even hit in the head by a meteor) is far greater than that anyone will die in 2012 because of Nibiru (which is a pretty, round, fat zero). So if you really believe in that soul thing, I’d advise you to have it packed and ready do be saved at any moment.

  29. This is one of the best blogs on the debate over the BrownDwarf ive ever read. So many theories and speculation, proof & scientific study, yet no one has a telescope big enough to check this out i mean come on its gotta be close to satrun by now. Couldnt we get someone in JPL or NASA to task a sat or even the Cassini probe to spy this thing out! Seriously, theres good reason to give up on life if all you care about learning is the end, but If your like me you would consider learning those things that are true and provable. All end-worshipers aside, I think that [if its really gonna pass between Mars & Jupiter] we should all get our lanw chairs out for the celetrial spectical of-a-lifetime!

    Just my thoughts & opinions on the Crazy solar system we run around in!!!!

    p.s. Not all things predict the END, just US

  30. Pavel, but where is the proof? The evidence? There is none.. It is all just conjecture.
    I think I read above that we might get nailed by a spaghetti monster in 2012.. It’s possible. There is just as much proof with that as with this Nibiru thing.. Really..
    Где доказательство?
    Did I say that right? 🙂

  31. Nowhere does Sitchin say that Nibiru is crossing (the meaning of the word nibiru) in 2012. In fact it is more than a 1000 years out.

    Furthermore, nowhere does Sitchin predict a global catastrohe in 2012 either.

    The interesting fact is that scientists – possibly driven by religion and governments driven by religion – denies the existence of prior advanced civilisations on earth, present and recent and past visits by extraterestials, that ocean warming is not caused by climate change but that climate change is caused by ocean warming, that the magma layer inside earth is rapidly rising to higher levels causing more and more under-sea volcanic action, that a few hope to observe the flood catastrophe from the moon, Mars and a space station city, that Mars WAS in fact inhabited by extra-terrestials, etc.

    NASA, that incompetent and unsafe industrial and scientific giant is less than honest with its astronomical data.

    Like the Roman Church and the (US Government!) it hides a great many facts that really belongs in the public domain, for whatever reasons they feel inccumbent upon them to do so.

  32. While I am somewhat skeptical on the Nibiru topic, it is in my opinion close minded to assume that everything Sitchin researched is false and not worth looking into.

    What are your thoughts on the recent fidings involving the devastation of Mars by a 1600 Kilometre wide object in the not too distant past?

  33. Actually upon rereading this article it occured to me that Sitchin actually has a heck of a lot more evidence to back up his work than you even come close to providing to back up your claim that Planet X is not Nibiru, let alone your claim that Sitchins work is “imaginative at best” and that Planet X is “an unknown, theoretically possible planet orbiting peacefully beyond the Kuiper Belt”. Your proof?

  34. Well i’m a tad bit confused about the whole Planet X and Nibiru being two different planets when i thought they were both 1. Any how, where does this story that the Anunnaki came to our planet traveling on Nibiru and made man?? Thats another thing thats confusing to me. Who was there to witness this and tell this story? what ever happened to God creating man? but thats another story. So is he saying that somewhere between the time of 2012 and so forth will be the time that California will be under water do to the gravitational force of this planet thats headed towards Earth? Will this planets passing cause catostraphic events such as Earthquakes, Volcano eruptions, Tornados, Tsunamis, Hurricanes, etc worldwide? If so why isn’t this broadcasted over every news station accross the world so we could prepare for it? Is the government hiding something from us again? Could this be why the government built the Denver International Airport, which is build underground and is 1 mile above sea level with an enormous amount of soil from the Panama Canal? Because they know the crops will be destroyed? hmm sounds fishy. Will we survive this planets passing or just the chosen ones who will be allowed to enter into this underground shelter provided by the government?

  35. if nibiru is there dont link it with bible ,if is it true according to bible let it occur if it dont occur on 2012 ,no one should believe bible,am i right

  36. If this does happen it is Biblically related. There are too many prophecies of Scripture being fulfilled right now to ignore. If any of you have an open mind, I suggest actually opening The BIble and knowing about what you are trying to debunk. If PX/Nibiru passes, it will likely cause many of the events written about nearly 2000 years ago in The Book of Revelation. I agree with what Willphoenix1says about being prepared. However, I also agree that if it ends up being as bad as some predict, very few will survive. My preparation has more to do with spirituality and spreading The Word of God than trying to plan to live through global catastrophe. I pray that I will reach at least one person with this comment. Hear Oh Israel, YHWH is your only God and He sent Christ to die for all.

  37. I know you aren’ t kidding, but this whole God thing is quite embarrassing as a human folly. If I visited a planet where they wore and worshipped symbols of torture and death ( cross ) and say that their god let his own son die so that his people would not have to be responsible for their sins…I would pack up quick and evacuate! Ignorance of nightmare proportions is the truest definition of deity minded folk. If there was a god, why in the universe wouldn’t he just demonstrate his presence and eliminate all confusion. No, he’d rather talk to one man, and say, go into this land, I give to you and slay man, woman and child so that you may have it….I am SO sick and tired of ignorant people! You’ve dedicated your lives to being mentally challenged by choice! Rather than feeling pity for people that worship statues, your god wishes to slay or torture them for eternity?! Jealousy is an attribute of perfection? Are there no operating brain cells in that noggin of yours to see these silly stories are full of very bad things? I really wanted to read the bible to my children, but very soon I decided all that violence and misconception of rightousness was not going to be a role model for my kids!

    Are there any passing planets coming this way, I need to get away from humans. The planet needs to be cleansed again, lest we corrupt the fabric of the universe with ignorance. You just believe the next, whenever it occurs, great natural disaster is your ticket to 40 virgins ( even though you won’t have a body to make use of them ) or to heaven ( for which we have an epic novel for it’s proof of existence ) and I’ll come back and ensure your ashes are churned into the soil for my garden.
    Egads, there is no hope for you.

  38. it seems everything i have read here is people downing the thought of something else only because of what they have been programmed to believe, nibiru comes every 2100 years, and no one seems to realize that a planet that much older than our own would have so much more technology that we couldnt even comprehend what they could be capable of, we would just go blank wondering, but its not only him or the mayans but also nostrodamus that talks about the sun aligning in the middle of the galaxy on 2012, i think even china had some prophecy of their own about that date, it would just be to large of a coincedence that so many cultures with different beliefs about so much have somewhat the some belief on that, in sitchin’s book ” The End of Days” his most recent, it even has a place that explains why through mathematics that it is to be of that time…i truly believe to better understand or learn you must be open minded and dont believe only one thing whole heartedly cause your probably wrong, gather as much info about all beliefs as you can then put your own ideas together instead of sticking with what you were raised with

  39. Where do I start?…okay, subject 1) Well, I’m no scientist, but I’m halfway intelligent. Does anyone think that “End of Days” is inevitable no matter what your belief system? Maybe not 2012 but sometime? 3012? 4512? Stardate 5163.012? Collisions with meteors, comets or the like will probably happen, right? There’s TANGIBLE evidence of this. Also, I read where the Milky Way and another galaxy are on a collision course. This might do it. Or we may escape calamity and live forever. Who knows? One way or another I don’t see how digging a hole and hiding in it will possibly make a difference. When my kids ask me what’s happening, I’ll tell them the obvious. (I was raised Catholic but my views on the teachings have changed dramatically by science over the years. Sorry, now I don’t believe everything I read or hear now)
    Subject 2) Global warming. Yes, we are contributing to the fact but haven’t there been Ice Ages and global warming of our planet in its history? When I look at things in plausible ways, I try to analyze wha’t going on. The Earth’s axis wobbles, right? I read that but I forgot how long it takes to complete a cycle. Many moons methinks. So why wouldn’t the world’s weather change even from this little wobble? Also everything in the Universe moves so couldn’t this create changes in our weather etc etc?? I hope everyone understands my ideas/opinions. I know what I’m thinking but have a hard time getting my point across sometimes. Like I said I’m not a scientist just someone who tries to think things out….Oh yeah, I don’t judge…I “Live and Let Live”…

  40. P.S.S. Isn’t the Sun going to explode at some point? Enlarging so as to engulf the Inner Planets? Where are my photo negatives…….

  41. Sincerely, any person whether a believer not, has to agree and admit that at any time, this universe must come to an end more so physically. Such is based on two fundamental theories namely; BIBLICAL THEORY more so in the book of Revelation which explains the last days and coming of Jesus Christ..Another theory is the SCIENTIFIC AND TECHNOLOGY THEOLOGY which explains rapid scientific discoveries of which some of them are dangerous to lives, natural environment and against the laws of nature like Child cloning and mass destruction weapons.By all means, let us agree and admit to the truth through surrendering our selves to God almighty so as to get a permanent ticket to an eternal life. GOD SAVE THEE SOULS AMEN.

  42. On a supposedly related matter, could anyone explain to me the blacked out area on Google Sky to the left of Orion? I don’t have a lot of belief in the conspiracy theories, but I would really like to know what is behind the box, as you can see a wisp of cloud-like matter coming out from the left side of the blackened area and I don’t want to belief that this is a coverup of the as yet unproven existence of Niribu.

  43. http://space.jpl.nasa.gov/cgi-bin/wspace?tbody=1000&vbody=1001&month=8&day=16&year=2008&hour=00&minute=00&fovmul=1&rfov=45&bfov=30&porbs=1&showsc=1

    What orbit do you speak of Pavel?

    “Nibiru came close to orbits, positions of Pluto, Neptune in circa 1985,…close to Uranus arround 2002.
    Nibiru cames to orbit of Saturn-2009, to Jupiter-2011, to us 2012.”

    I see no sort of straight or curved line to come in contact with possible orbits of these planets unless you want to theorize of a possible corkscrew orbit?

  44. Could the moderator or whoever runs this site automatically direct the posts from the conspiracy theorists, those who ridicule science and the various nut-cases to one of the recently discovered cosmic voids, please? I’m getting hearliy sick of ploughing through their ill-considered rubbish and frightened gibberings to read ‘proper’ comments. Perhaps there ought to be a special page here for them so when the rest of us feel a little down and cheesed off we can read them and howl with derisive laughter.

  45. Paul,

    Your comment is the funniest here! I am more amused by the comments of the self professed purist who have all the universal constants in check, and rag on all the others trying to make their case. I for one enjoy the debate, arguments, point and counter point. That is what open minded people do, now if I were in on all the absolute Universal truths like you are, then I would hop into my interstellar ship and go check this whole Nibiru thing out and give you a report with all the absolute science behind it. Can you hook the rest of us dummies up and get in your ship and fill us in.

    Thank You…

  46. After reading through all of the comments, there was only a single touch on the topic that interests me most of all. It is also how I came to find this very well written article in the first place.
    How did the similarities (of doomsday/floods/dates) spread throughout the cultures of the world?
    On a more specific note, I have heard that the Mayan Calendar also predicted other events through history that came to pass; the Spanish Invasion is one that comes to mind. I hate to say that I haven’t done any research nor remember any other detail beyond being interested in the comment.
    I undestand that there have been many events throughout history that were seen as “foretold” after the visions of reflection were analyzed, but I have never heard of a common prediction for any of these single horrifying events (the Holocaust or the fall of Rome as two events termed horrific by the culture of the day) from MULTIPLE cultures. Yet, in the case of the 2012, there appear to be many differnet mechanisms with one glaring commonality.
    I am not a scientist by any means; just a blue-collar electrician that dabbles in anything interesting.
    My opinion on this subject It is much like my reply when people greet me in the mornings and ask politley, “How are you today?”. I simply answer, “I haven’t decided yet. I should know sometime this evening.”
    Love the science though!

  47. hi guys rite listen have fun till this day comes coz i belvie in it dont u its not a planet that is going to hit us o no i think it the universe that is going to blow u can laugh at me but i think that is going to happen so follow what u all ways wanted to do and live u life to the max have fun but if u have a family get ready i meen this i am 14 and i may lose mine in this coz there to ill to get ready for this thing i am going to find out of this so if u want to email me u can [email protected] thanks you all

  48. Any REAL scientists wanna talk about niburu? So many confusing statements everywhere, what is the truth?

  49. huh?
    e-mail me!

    My 4th grade math homework asked how many stars are in the solar system
    so I came to this website

  50. The world could end in 2012….but it will likely be because the population of the world will finally reach the tipping point….of stupidity…and we’ll end up offing ourselves somehow chasing witches and *idiotically perceived* TERRESTRIAL threats.

    My theory: There is a finite amount of intelligence to go around on this planet, and we’re using all that there is available. As the world’s population continues to increase, the average intelligence goes down. (And if that doesn’t concern you…guess which group you are in !)

    Human arrogance and stupidity are the biggest threats that Earth faces over the next century

  51. I know it’s difficult when your head is buzzing full of voices and you’ve been stocking up on beans and tinned food but this 2012 does not float for me.

    As for the gentleman who manages to include bile against Roman Catholics, as a Roman Catholic I accuse him and his 2012 bunch of hiding hidden secrets from us for their own dark purposes -the fact they are closet sectarians.

    Your secrets out! Off to the space ship with you spit spot.

    The astronomy is great btw thanx, no hidden secrets there either.

    Ah the sky at night!

  52. People who are scared witless or worried about Nibiru read the following it will put you at ease I promise.

    Why Niburi cant exist.
    1. The world has gone mad and lost the power to do basic math’s if Nibiru takes 3600 years to go past earth it being only four years away would be cleary visible by eye during the day and would be in front of the sun.
    2. Other pratts say it will enter our inner solar system in 2012. IT WOULD STILL BE VISIBLE!!!!!
    3. Even if I’m wrong which I’m not, so what if it enters our solar system If it’s gravity was as strong as it is said to be (The strength of it’s gravity would kill us!!.) it would have several small planets orbiting it.
    4. The annuki can’t still be alive for when it’s furthest away from the sun the tempratures can’t sustain life.
    5. Nob heads who clearly havn’t even done year 3 physics say that it orbits another sun further out the orbits ours can’t be right. This is because plannets orbit suns due to massive gravitantional pull they emit. Due to the strength of the pull plannets can’t leave their orbit so nibiru can’t be heading at us.
    6. Sitchin the idiot who created the rumors mistranslated the word nibiru it means god in sumartran and is also the ancient word for jupiter.
    7. No astronomers have ever sighted nibiru
    8. Why do we belive the Sumartrans they thought the world was flat and the stars were gods.
    9. The ancient Greek who actually did star gaze have never seen nibiru they would of been able to see it as it left our solar system.
    10. The bible (Why we still trust a book that’s never been right yet.) claims the earth went dark as a planet as Nibiru past. First has no one ever heard of an ECLIPSE. Plus this book was written 3000 years after the planet went past.
    11 This means that nibiru should of past in 600 bc guess what It didn’t.
    12 if it did pass in 600ad that means it’s not due until 4200ad
    13 People think that after surfing the net for 10 mins they have spotted somehing patrick moore has missed his whole life.
    14 To prove nibiru isn’t there get out your phones turn on camera, put it in ngetaive take a picture of the sun (Careful not to blind yourself. The pictures on youtube we said to be taken in negtaive because the sun light blocks the planet. On my picture there is no nibiru.
    15. Pole shifts won’t kill us. during human existance one pole shift has happened we are still alive. Worst case scenario the Earth stops spinnig for three days befroe spinning the other way or tips over and spins on it’s side.

  53. Well, I did not read all of comments, but i wanna tell my opinion.
    1. I don`t care about alien races.
    2. and planet x too.
    but ( last couple of years)
    why Norwegian gov. build up huge concrete underground bunker too save and storage any seeds what is possible.

    why Austrian gov build in huge base in the mountain too save any information such as literary works and many others.

    why Hungarian gov keep running huge nuclear safe underground facilities just middle and under Budapest, and changed the entire air vent system by national sec.

    Why “NASA” build infrared telescope on north pole just on the right place to trace “nibiru”

    Why some star just cleared from the sky map ( i can give exact coordinates)
    You cannot see them on “normal view but in infrared mode yes , you can
    And why US gov get very excited about Mars.
    Now they tell us , “Yes we found water on the Mars” ten Years ago if somebody told this , the gov. just simple “denied” it.
    Anyway. i download some mars pic from nasa web site. and after automatic exposure the sky on mars get blue and ground become normal sand and the mars lander parts got back the original colors”. funny.
    So, have many question but 100% the answer not will given by any Government or Media because they operate under the gov-s.
    So, do what you believe , prepare yourself or not , one thing is sure and nobody can deny: it is Your decision …..

  54. one more…
    If the earth stops spinning, we lost the magnetic field too. This case we lost our shield against radiations which come from sun.
    what it is mean ?
    No Life can survive on the surface …
    So , stop spinning = very very bad.
    Like sunburn just permanently and deadly.

  55. When I was a wean (child in Glasgow) my teacher said all leaves are green, but I said you get red ones too. teacher said don’t be silly who ever heard of red leaves. They grew on the road to school, I walked…. teacher drove a car………… thats what I think or maybe it’s a philosophy. ……….. everyone should kiss and make up, lets all be friends…….. but if it does happen anyone got room in their shelter for me? I’ve got some pot noodles and a bit for a couple of joints… cheers

  56. I wonder if it’ll be on the telly? maybe catch the highlights! I’m only wanting to stay if you have cable and tea bags. can I bring my cats too?

  57. There are some little known verses in the Bible that refer to God putrifying a place called Rahab. There is a mention of Rahab and Babylon. Marduk is associated with Babylon, and Astarte was to have brought
    a person who fell from the heavens to an Island off of Tyre, a spot heavy with UFO sightings.

    A retired NASA person speaking at MUFO not long ago said that NASA has a lot of info that there were two planets in our system that whose debris hit other planets, so there was something happened to earth, and it was not it’s creation!.

    I cannot go along with Sitchin, but believe that some entities were involved in intrusion into our species. This was not regarded nicely by the creator . I think these beings, in defiance of God established civilizations, were taking earthlings to them. Satan was said to be cruel. “All his sanctuaries are full of violence”. He was said to have great merchandising going on; if you will search the OT, it pops up here and there. Perhaps the tower of Babyon and the Gibborim were very advanced, unlike the stupid crawl out of the slime idea. So what does this have to do with Nibiru?

    The cataclysm referred to is misinterpreted by Sitchin. Annanunaki are the sons of Annuk referred to in scripture most likely. This is descent from Noah. They however retained a knowledge of the intrusion of the “sons of god” and the destruction of earth with the flood event. There IS evidence that a massive cataclysm took place. Lucifer was said to be cast down to the earth in dust. There is a dust layer that encompasses the earth due to massive volcanic action and massive meteorite impacts upon the earth.

    Mars has areas where humanoid made civilization was impacted and Mars was forced into a less hospitable orbit for life.

    The corruption of the earth and the heavens
    was the work of rebellion. The discovery of ancient radio active graves in India, tells me that history is doomed to repeat itself!

    These aliens are most likely not our friends, our gods nor our saviors. Sitchin is deluded.

    How they got from “extra dimensional beings, or angels, spirit beings to what they did and may come back to do I am sure not any one would be able to explain, and they may have left genetic flaws and death behind in the human race. They are not the creators of life. they are tamperers, and one of their planets may still exist at it’s core, “putrified”. Fire and Brimstone, (God Thor? Zeus?) could have skimmed Rahab and thrown it into elipse greator than that of Mars. It’s debris and that of a second exploded planet form the solar systems “metoer belt” . The orbit of 3600 to 4000 years would mean it comes by on one side every two thousand years. It would be
    used by God to perform his judgements since he did not utterly obliterate it. It would have performed at the time of the exodus, up to the standing still at the time of Joshua. It could have returned to announce the birth of Christ. The astonomers recognized it as HIS star. Recognizing he was from the supreme controller of the heavens. So it is about time to come by again. It does not come quickly, but is around a few years. It does not move as swiftly as a comet actually, but it does exactly whatever the supreme controller wants when he wants. Think I’m nuts? Read Is 28. The moons and deris of it will be used to judge.

    “With the Hand” in Is 28 referrs to the hand holding the judgement coals. The man in linen in Ezekial holds these, awaiting the command.

  58. what i dont understand is that if nibiru or some sort of planet was coming towards us wouldnt we be able to see it with a telescope and now that its only 4 years away why cant we see it with a naked eye. Also if nibiru was to approach the Earth in 4 years time wouldnt the governments told us anything about in. Finally about the ANNUNAKI ALIENS if nibiru has already collieded with the Earth 3600 years back why have our prehistorical fosslils still survived ie- dinosaur bones and what about the pyramids. I believe this is all fake. There may be a 10th palnet but it is certainly not coming towards us. Nibiru is definately a hoax.

  59. Folks, read SITCHIN’s books before you blasgt away at him. The evidence seems — dare we say: monumental.

    Also read the ORION PROPHECY, and claim the reward, if you can, to disprove the idea.

    I enjoyed the lead article above, which seems to get rid of all this information, but does it? To not be informed is stupid.

    The Government has consistently proved that humans are expendable, fearsome, resource wasting, useless, yet our money and bad behaviors provided them underground cities. Why?

    One should discover the CHRIST and ask for intelligence of brotherhood so man might survive in harmony.


  60. “But before we get carried away, this is not Nibiru, this is not proof of the end of the world in 2012”

    Again thank you for proving your ignorance.
    First off you have NO way of knowing if this object IS Nibiru or not.

    Simply stating that
    “All this may seem a little fantastical, and perhaps a little too detailed when considering it is a literal translation from 6000 year old texts” just makes you look narrow minded, ignorant, and uninformed.

    The sumerians have cylinder seals clearly showing the sun at the center of the solar system thousands of years before the birth of christ.
    Copernicus “discovered” this some time after his birth in 1473 AD.

    Point being if you want to stick your head in the sand and believe christopher columbus discovered america, a weather baloon fell to earth in roswell, 19 hijackers perpetrated 9-11, Lee Harvey Oswald assassinated kennedy as a “lone guman”, Jesus was 6 feet tall white/blond hair/blue eyes and pretty much looked like the long lost bee gee’s member, then by all means please feel free.

    But there is WAY too much we don’t know, and even more that we insist on lying to ourselves about.
    I prefer opening my own eyes rather than keeping them closed and letting someone else tell me whats real.

    It’s easy to say where are your facts, prove this theory blah blah…
    Even evolution is still just a “theory” learn to think for yourself man, stop regurgitating what other people tell you just because you liked the suit they had on during that broadcast.
    Ian O’Neill (the author who decided he was right, and is shooting his mouth off without a single clue what he is talking about) needs a new job.
    You are clearly under qualified for this one.
    The lack of evidence is not itself evidence.
    Keep your assumptions to yourself and leave the writing to people who don’t think they know everything.
    Simply claiming that you know these things makes my job easier proving how ignorant, arrogant, and uninformed you really are.
    O but hey keep up the good work, we all love bullshit, thats why news ratings are so high apparently.

  61. There are a few things that are not taken into consideration or aren’t even known about or understood. These important aspects are essential to fully realize what is actually going on with our solar system and its planets.
    Its important to know what Nibiru is and was and Where it’s orbital path used to be, as well as when and why it was moved. This plays into our artificial moon and the asteroid belt’s creation following Maldek’s destruction 550 million years ago in a great war that resulted in our sun and the crystal pylon implant network at Stonehenge to be used as a weapon and tracking device for earth using Nibiru and two thirds celestial body, Wormwood.

    This is far to big for me to cover here, but folks open your eyes and gaze deeper into yourselves. The forbidden histories will always be there.

  62. ps. this is not Sitchin’s work. He only scratched a small etching on a big surface and doesn’t fully realize who and what he is dealing with.

  63. @ Jared:-

    “First off you have NO way of knowing if this object IS Nibiru or not.”

    But there is no “object”…

    “…makes you look narrow minded, ignorant, and uninformed.”

    Well, that’s what a Masters in astrophysics and a PhD in solar physics does to you I suppose (damn all that education!)…

    “I prefer opening my own eyes rather than keeping them closed and letting someone else tell me whats real.”

    OK, so you think a bunch of aliens travelled into the solar system, genetically modified some monkeys, we evolved from said monkeys, and now the aliens are coming back to visit us? I’m just giving you an alternate theory – you don’t have to believe me

    “It’s easy to say where are your facts, prove this theory blah blah…”

    Damn those “facts” and “theories”. I’ll be sure to write you a sci-fi comic with lots of pictures next time.

    “Ian O’Neill (the author who decided he was right, and is shooting his mouth off without a single clue what he is talking about) needs a new job.”

    Now you’re getting personal.

    “You are clearly under qualified for this one.”

    After all, the world doesn’t need another scientist.

    “…makes my job easier proving how ignorant, arrogant, and uninformed you really are.”

    So… where’s your proof again?

    “O but hey keep up the good work, we all love bullshit, thats why news ratings are so high apparently.”

    *yawn* Oh, sorry, were you still talking?

    I always enjoy our chats Jared, but next time, please give me something more than your twisted ideas on reality. I’d love to know where you get your evidence from. I know you don’t like “evidence”, or “theories”, or “ideas”, or “science” for that matter, but to debate ideas one needs to have something to debate. The above article needs to be discussed, but if you can’t keep your limited vocabulary in check, I suggest this website (or any other “science” website) isn’t for you.

    Thanks, Ian 😉

  64. Looking at the origins of the worlds religions, one only has to look at the evidence prior to known organized religions.
    That journey will take you back thousands of years previously to the Summerians, and they will speak of a time when the people of the “Shem” or flying crafts, came down to earth and instructed man thousands of years earlier. Many stories in our Bibles, Korans, and other holy documents follow the very similar story lines found in the ancient text of the summerians stone tablets. One can come to the conclusion that there is only one original story that has had it’s characters and characters names changed as they have been passed down through different civilizations and interpeted unto the corners of the earth, each time with a little variance in the story. We on earth can be traced backed to one original mother scientifically. So it’s not that far fetched to believe that we are decendents of a prototype being. That’s why there is no missing link. We didn’t exist for a time and then we did. A new species out of thin air, or a advanced laboratory located here thousands of years ago. Let us not be so arrogant to think that we are the only intelligent beings in this vast void full of billions of worlds. The gold fish in your home knows nothing about the Great White Sharks off the coast of Africa, or the Dolphins off of Florida. All three swim in water, look similar but have very different behavior and intelligence. We are the gold fish, stuck on Earth in time out, with out the knowlegde of the universe that we are floating within. We were given religion as a guide for small minds that could not contemplate the reality of their existence.
    In cosmic terms, it doesn’t matter if we get smacked by a passing dark stars satellites.
    What matters in this small time of existence we have is how we treat each other and utilize this drop of life in the flow of time opportunity to maybe send a few of our best out there to a new home to some where start fresh. This could be exactly how we came to be.

  65. Anyone interested in finding out what’s going on with 2012

    check out:


    this shows that numbers affect people not nature

    this shows that 2012 obsessions and 9/11 obsessions are connected

    this shows that the calender changing in 2012 is the western one, but only in its indirect affects

    all natural / cosmic / galactic / universal disasters are rejected by the theory

    this shows that fears about the end of time/world are actually fears about the end of the year.

    Blue Electric Monkey

  66. Firstly, Nibiru did not destroy our planet or solar system. It caused chaos, flooding, earthquakes, etc. Chaos like this would not take that long to recover…

  67. In reply to JSMak Says:
    July 21st, 2008 at 2:16 pm
    If this does happen it is Biblically related. There are too many prophecies of Scripture being fulfilled right now to ignore. If any of you have an open mind, I suggest actually opening The BIble and knowing about what you are trying to debunk. If PX/Nibiru passes, it will likely cause many of the events written about nearly 2000 years ago in The Book of Revelation. I agree with what Willphoenix1says about being prepared. However, I also agree that if it ends up being as bad as some predict, very few will survive. My preparation has more to do with spirituality and spreading The Word of God than trying to plan to live through global catastrophe. I pray that I will reach at least one person with this comment. Hear Oh Israel, YHWH is your only God and He sent Christ to die for all.

    Look out for Tim McHyde.

  68. These 2012 articles are very well writen and informative but there is one thing I dont like. You wrote “It is important to note here that I am not calling into question any archaeological, spiritual or historic evidence for Nibiru”. -Um why not, that Zecharia Sitchin book is the most rediculous part of this thing and has been debunked by several other sources.

  69. Your article simply fails on every level, to disproove that the 4-8 earth mass object originally detected in 1983 is NOT Nibiru. By all avalible data, it is heading our way. The orbital anamolies of planets along the peripherary of our solar system and their proximity to the 4-8 earth mass body, is a well established cause and effect relationship, by nearly every credible investigative means of data gathering.
    You are guilty of something worse than yellow journalism.

  70. hola , antes que nada agradesco a la . NASA por hacerlos saver que es lo que acontese en el spacio esterior haci mismo tambien yo en una ocasion , he soñado que un cometa cae en la tierra es una luz muy fuerte , y creoooooooooo que solo dios nos puede liberar de tan gran desastre que se pueda dar con este cometa , haci que os ruego a todos que pidamos de corazon a dios para que nos cubra bajo sius alas … gracias , juan carlos honduras centro america martes 28 oct 2008

  71. Just a simple question!

    Until 1930 pluto were unkown. How do you explain the Sumerians already knows that?

  72. @Chris:-

    “4-8 earth mass object originally detected in 1983 is NOT Nibiru”

    – The IRAS observations spotted several infrared “objects” in the night sky. At the time scientists did not know how to interpret the data. They said they could possibly be comets, intergalactic dust, ultra-luminous young galaxies or protostars (i.e. brown dwarfs near our solar system). It turned out in 1984 publications that most of these “objects” were ultra-luminous galaxies, and a couple examples of intergalactic “cirrus” (or dust)

    So, by your reasoning, you say there is an object 4-8 Earth masses coming at us. Where is the evidence? Even if scientists are hiding evidence of a proto-star (a.k.a. a brown dwarf), they should be looking for an object 80 Jupiter masses, not 4-8 Earth masses. I’ll give you another clue, Jupiter is a lot bigger than Earth.

    So, where is your 4-8 Earth mass object? I think you’ll find this was invented purely to make this flawed theory fit. Please don’t be fooled. For more information, you need to read another one of my articles: http://www.universetoday.com/2008/05/25/2012-no-planet-x/

    I think you need to look up the definition of “yellow journalism” again – I don’t think that accusation applies to this article.

  73. ok, if the Nibiru thing is complete bs then how did we come to look at this star way the heck out their?, I mean who decided it to be this star why not something closer?

    Why does this star or watever it is that weve come to know as “Nibiru” at cordinates -6.01931, -91.5903 cast a normal look in image view, noting that some of the actual image shots of nearby stars were alot brighter and then when you do it on x-ray the supposed “Nibiru” Star/ Planets light up and the closer by “brighter” stars are not even really noticable???

    why is this section of sky omitted on google universe?

    Im by no means an intellectual, but after going over alot of the sky with microsoft telescope in different signal returns all i can say is this star we’ve come to know as “Nibiru” -6.01931, -91.5903 is something different from what i can gather and leaving all the conspiracy stuff behind i just want to find some explanations as to its “difference” then any other thing ive been able to come across in the nights sky?

    In a normal image view this thing doesnt look different, but in X-Ray i cant say the same thing as it looks crazy and id like to know why.

  74. Why is it that NASA has built a huge space observatory in the south pole directed toward -6.01931, -91.5903. Why must scientists bash such theories? I thought Science was based on facts… they have not dis proven the Nibiru theory. Why is it that the Norwegian Gov’t supports the Nibiru claims and assisted in building a huge seed bank in the middle of a mountain?

    I’m not saying I believe in the Nibiru theory, but why not accept it as a possibility. Einstein’s theory of relativity is a hoax( a Bulgarian developed the idea years before) Modern Science is a sham. Nikola Tesler developed free energy, portals and much more advanced sources of power that we are being denied because the powers that be can;t make $$$. Look at the whole nibiru theory and take it as a counter to our modern day problems. YIN and Yang, + and -. Why is Gold so precious to us? Because the Annanaki wanted it, that’s why we are their slaves ( in theory) Why do so many oracles and religions predict a 2012 incident?? Why couldn’t their planet return close to our own orbit? are we that “Disney” that we can be so ignorant of the idea of a disaster actually happening? Maybe we won’t win the big game or live past our parents. Is it that difficult;t to believe? Besides if you study Sumerian text, they are much more advanced than we are today. Much more organized anyway. Why did Pharaohs build pyramids and store Gold in them? Why does the Vatican have so much GOLD? Why does Jerusalem and Constantinople ( modern Istanbul) have so many gold peaks? Coincidence? Look at the history of these regions and see for yourself how truly messed up it is. Corruption and arrogance cause slavery. We are living it today by the system that is our very own gov’t look at the IRS for example.. who owns that collection agency? Why are we fighting in Iraq( ancient Mesopotammia, home of Sumerians) For Babylonian/ Sumerian artifacts?? Why have we discovered Giants? Why are these videos and links being taken off of YOUTUBE? Who is hiding this information? If it’s all theory, why can it not stay online? Why do we have 46 chromosomes in our DNA make up when we have room for 48? Apes have 48, who was made from who? Nostradamus, Merlin, Mayan calender, book of revelation, i ching, Web Bot prediction. Look for yourselves. Don’t let this propaganda site influence you into thinking it is true fact.
    Believe in nothing, it’s the only way everything can be possible.

  75. I’ve been prepairing for this wether it happens or not! the reason being I would rather have “knowledge” & information & preperation and not need it, than need it and not have it!

    All This 2012 Planet X Nibiru case is something that I had studied among other things such as our origins and evolution. I stopped my Nibiru research because I came to a conclusion & was told by many people “even if you do know and you warn other & prepare for it; there is NOTHING you can do!” However I REFUSE to take the whole “I cant do anything” approach to this and I will carry on my “pointless” research and I will be fully prepaired by 2010 for what ever is coming! Coudn’t care less if its Aliens/Giants/Demons Etc or any other rumoured happening as well as the destruction of earth.. either way I wont be one to ignore the theoretical information with some factual content and then try to run if/when it all happens!!!

    Ignorance Is Stupidity & Knowledge Is Power.

  76. In slavic myths there are a lot more than 12 planets… So you better start learning some Vedas…

  77. I am entering my 61st year and found the web, ebay, youtube et al something outstanding in my life be it a bit late. I have read david Eycks Reptilian interpretation of who we are, and the Nibiru death planet lingering on the event horizon, the boat noah survived the flood in embedded on mount arrarat (forgive my spelling) Area 51 and all its money spinning offshoots, and have always kept an open mind about ANY theory put forward on the web blog/sites. But having visited the popes home in vatican City a couple of years ago it showed how corrupt the human race is.Christ if his existance were/is true could never have condoned such oppulance, I felt ashamed when i left the basilica, the wealth suffocated me, I became embarrassed at the show of oppulance whilst the world suffered. The thing the 17 countries are rushing to build just off world around our planet is the ARK and a select few will outlive NIBIRU’S passing? If this death Star is visiting us I say bring it on. Do you honestly think we have a future as homo sapiens?, we have messed this world up so badly, its temporary destruction for a few thousand years and a new beggining might not be a bad idea, WE the human race live in denial about everything we say or do, no one knows what will happen tommorow, next yearor the next decade. But looking back and seeing what we have done to ourselves and this planet gives us a pretty good idea of what is waiting in store, NIBIRU, Atomic war, Chemical war, alien invasion, Rage virus, etc, etc, Forget about saving the world, we are just an infestation that inhabits its surface like a mans beard, and when we are shaved clean by whatever form, the good earth will blossom again with or without us, the only problem in the universe is us? Amen. Tom Bingham

  78. I try to give people some credit, but reading peoples responses to these just leaves me without any mitigation for human stupidity. i mean, just read boondoggler’s post and youll instantly feel like the second coming of isaac newton. nicola tesler? what is free energy? why do we have 46 chromosomes? look it up

  79. If anything the VIOLENT human race would be the ones doing the enslaving, the human race as a whole are blood thirsty tyrants bent on destruction.

    and aliens coming to earth? preposterous, even if the aliens were super advanced they still would have noway of getting to earth. The speed of light is unreachable and even if you could get close to that speed you wouldn’t get anywhere.(in a logical amount of time)

    Aliens are possible, meeting them is highly improbable.

  80. “look ya retards i dont want your theories on nibiru, I just want one of thes smarty pants to tell me wtf that is at them cordinates.”

    Who is the retard here?
    Just go out take a binocular and look at it yourself! It can’t be simpler than that!

  81. What does “6.01931, -91.5903” mean?

    What is 6.01931?
    And why is -91.5903 bigger than 90?

    What is the used Julian date?

    These coordinates do not make any sense, looks like someone just guessed some numbers and they are even none-existing on the celestial grid.

  82. What if there is a planet Nibiru? And what if it DOES come within our sphere of observation in 2012 or thereabouts? What of it? What is more likely, that cultures primitive in relation to our own perhaps incorperated the then-visible Niribu into their mythology, or that uh, aliens are riding the planet towards us to destroy/enslave/molest us??

    Anyways I think its fascinating, and the more eyes watching upwards for whatever reason benefits the curious and the dreamers alike.

  83. There’s only one way to find out the truth about 2012 and that’s to hope u are fortunate enough to be here at that faithful moment. For now it is all speculation but if it is true history will be rewritten and religon obsolete. But who knows a little mass destruction to the human race might be just what we need. After resources are becoming scarce and the population is spiraling out of control at this point a new beginning seems logical. If this where biiblical times the almighty would be about ready to make a fresh start anyway considering the sins of mankind for the past 2000 years. So I say bring on plant X, the aliens, and the clensing we need it. See u in 2012 Dec 21 11:11

  84. Hey Olaf, above coordinates is noesense, but think in quantum way, they might be in 4th dimension peroid… but another quesition is who konw the 4 dimension? :S

  85. I’m in my mid 30’s and don’t want to live past my 40’s cause this world has become to goofy, so if Planet X is coming or not it’s perfect timing for me to go out, but I do believe it’s going to happen, the ancients new way to much, and there has been a propaganda war on this information. Even if were all slaves to the Annunaki, most humans have been complacent and not gived a crap to look outside the box. So I hope the “END” comes, cause at every “END”, is a new beginning for someone or something.

  86. Hey we are not slave of the annunaki, annunaki is not a god. its just commander or something els of galactic federation i think. They came to help people about technology but encient people make them god in their brains…

  87. And when this planet X ( or Nibru ) returns of how do we know that there will be only destructions on earth and not on the planet X?
    And if that is the case, what will then happen to all the Annunakis?

    Best regards,


  88. The governments know ..if people find out about this “planet”most would give up..gold has been mined for thousands of years,why?what is so special about it?why do countries have so much of it?is it because we are all slaves and the more gold a country has the better chances they have to survive?Why do these billionaires of the world want more?is it so they can buy more gold?I think there is more to gold then we know…

  89. horray…… let count down.. 3 more years… let pray everyone died faster than it should… yay….. wowwww,,, such a great moment for all… for the sake of ur tomorrow`s funeral… WooTTTTTTTT…. The day after tomorrow is no more !!!!

  90. I lived through the Nostradamus predicted World War of 1980, I lived through the second rethink of the end of the world in the year 1999 (also by Nostradamus – and they are rejigging that old horse for the 2012 ‘event’ as well) – sad part about these nut jobs is this – Hevans Gate – sometimes these mental healthcare evaders get followings of sad misguided people and next thing you know theres a house or town full of dead people. Sure let the theory bounce around for a while for the amusement of the sane and scientifically well read, but in the end someone always gets hurt by these forms of misinformation. Lets do some debunking and door kicking down before we find house loads full of poor unfortnates gets found leading up too the 21st of December 2012 – ps the drinks are on me on the 22nd of December 2012 😉

  91. Of all the doomsdays I have read, this is what seems to have a certain degree of possibility… the only thing I can’t figure out is, if they say that Nibiru rotates around the Sun every 3600 and that it will come back in 2012, that’s just 3 years from now, shouldn’t it visible now of at least detectible? I remember Hale Bopp was 2-3 years before it reached Earth but it was already inside our Solar System… Shouldn’t Nibiru be a lot nearer now to be easily discovered since there’s only around 4 years till it arrives in Dec of 2012?

    just a thought

  92. Seeing that Hale-Bopp has an orbital period of around 2500 years you would think “Nibiru” would be visible by now. It’s funny that people can say it has an orbital period of 3600 years but can’t tell you which part of the sky it will appear in.

  93. I’ve got to be honest, these doomsday prophecy theories are really annoying me. Im generally a sensitive person and the “what if” has worried me, so clearly these fantastical prophecies are going to cause damage to some even more sensitive people out there but the universe today posts debunking these theories seems sensible and logical.
    Apocolyptical prophecies have probably been circulated since time began and none have followed through.
    The fact that there are many different doomsayers using different predictions such as pole reversal or solar flares indicates a flaw to start with as they cannot agree on one possible cause of the “supposed” doomsday. Added to this, as the website indicates, there is NO scientific proof to back the theories up.
    Ancient civilisations were obviously very skilled in what they did, but no one can accurately predict the future. Even though you may wake up in the morning with a bunch of plans to go places, a simple change of mind changes your whole day. The future is always changing.
    Perhaps if the world carries on in it’s violent ways then we won’t even last until 2012.
    The Mayan calender will keep following it’s cycle after it has ended it’s current one on 21.12.2012 and I’m that if we can all learn to chill out and be better people for ourselves and each other then we can live happily and peacefully through many, many more years to come because seriously, if we were at any serious risk, the governments would have informed us and perhaps evacuation or safety bunker type actions would be soon in force.

    Thank you Universe Today, please keep debunking any further nonsensical theories you find.
    Everyone just be happy. It’ll all be ok.

  94. more gloom and doom. That’s what we need. We have enough problems with war, famine, long standing hostilities, global economic crisis, and self-destruction. The last thing we need to worry about is a distant planet

  95. I just don’t know what to believe anymore, I did believe the Nibiru planet crossing was gonna happen but after watching a couple “Nibiru is fake” youtube videos it changed my mind. I do believe in aliens and there are more than one ancient civilizations that have recordings of intelligent beings but who knows when the government will come clean about their connections with E.T.’s. But there is one prediction that i sort of believe in that i believe came from the Mayans that the Earth is going to enter the “Dark Rift” on 12-21-2012 which will cause extreme havoc: earthquakes, tsunamis, hurricanes ect. which scientists also believe its very possible of happening.

  96. Let’s put all the ancient predictions aside and look at science. Every 26,000 years our sun moves to the center of the milkyway this will occurs again in the year 2012. I believe this could be what these ancient civilization were referring too. Now what affect from this eclipse is unknown. Possiblity nothing or massive earthquakes, pole shifts etc. It has been recorded through science that these events have taken place in history (pole shift etc) It would be egotistic to think with all the stars in the heavens we are the only ones. I could dismiss one maybe two ancient writings but we have half dozen or more from around the globe written at different times in history that predict a CHANGE. Those with blinders on to the possiblity are fooling themselves. Just look at earth at one time in history we were all one land mass called Pangea. A happening of massive scale occured thus the movement of land mass to create our separate continents. On a reglious level the Nibiru makes sense when it comes to the reading of the bible genesis or the missing link. Keeping a open mind hoping for the best and preparing for the worst is always good advice. As far as the government is concern how could you save everyone? You couldn’t so why alarm them. Yes the government has many huge underground bunkers to save those that can be useful in rebuilding from such a cataclysmic event . Don’t be fooled quantum physic the power of positive thinking can avert or lessen a blow. Keep vigilent the history channel this week alone is airing program concerning this topic.

  97. Has Sitchin ever explained why Nibiru’s orbit around the Sun takes 3600 years? I know that Babylons and before them Sumerians used numerical base unit of 6 so the biggest numerical value they used was 36000 (6x10x6x10x10). is this where he got the 3600 year orbit of Nibiru from? I think his books are all fiction or mistranslation. Also it is Mayan calender that ends the cycle in 2012 not Sitchin’s Nibiru return date.

    Some people just love to make up stuff for doomsday scenario. lol

  98. My father was of the Annunaki, so I am only half human; and even I don’t think Planet X is Nibiru.

  99. I hope this will happen and the it will hit Israel first and later all the its supporters who allowed the mass killing in Palestine now.

  100. The Mayan 2012 does’nt discuss about Nibiru or planet X. It is a different thing. It is about the world sitting on the Dark Rift. Search it over the net.

    It says there that this Dark Rift will cause havoc on earth and will cause a new calendar. They ended it there because they know they wont need to make a new calendar since they will all be dead after that event.

  101. 2012 is no different from other years, we do not know why the Mayan calendar stopped at this date, maybe the calendar keeper died or who knows.

    I do believe we are the creation of alien beings at least a modification to our genes , not sure about a soul that inhibit our bodies and leaves when we die, who knows.

    I remember y2k and all kind of disasters from comets or other object that my hit the earth since I am a child, but nothing of the sort happened.

    I will be more worried about all the nuke testing that we are not told about, which is the main cause of earthquakes and tsunamis.

    If we remember the big tsunami a couple of years ago, and the US submarine that was in that area and hit an underwater mountain, that sounded fishy , it is more like an underwater nuclear testing went wrong or some sort of a new weapon testing that blew a huge hole in the bottom of the sea causing such destruction.

  102. Our rotation through the galaxy periodically intersects with high-energy gamma emissions – varying levels and degrees of which have repeatedly caused and contributed to the extinction of whole orders of families.

    At this moment, there are streams of charged particles which, by virtue of our speed and direction, are destined to strip the electrons from our atoms and literally “carry our souls away.”

  103. Why people worry about this crap I will never know. Live each day to the fulliest and quit worring about tomorrow. Its possible you can die 10 minutes from now. So why worry about 2012 a date, and why even get prepared for it. When its your time to go its just your time.

  104. > Let’s put all the ancient predictions aside and look at science. Every 26,000 years our sun moves to the center of the milky way this will occur again in the year 2012.

    Sorry, but this is bullshit. Our solar system is located in one of the outer “arms” which compose the spiral galaxy we call the Milky Way. Our sun is very, very, very far from the center of the galaxy, and that’s how it’s going to be for millions of years to come. It’s good to have an open mind, but you can’t just reject clear facts and create your own.

  105. Personally, I think it’s nonsense, but that doesn’t mean we’re not headed for dark days in the future. Albert Einstein predicted an eventual pole shift (cosmic dust accumulates on the planet increasing it’s mass, and eventually the planet’s center of gravity will shift). If anything is going on right now, that would be your culprit. By the way, the increased mass also contributes to the warming of the planet (not just us, hippies).

  106. I should add that these theories aren’t surprising when there’s just as much junk science by the professionals. Many of the theories that exist today might one turn day turn out to be just as much nonsense to future scientists as scientists today percieve planet x. People tend to forget that our solar system and the milky way galaxy itself is swirling around a giant black hole about 3 to 4 million miles in diameter. We’re not stationary in space. These forces as well others might be what contributes to the pertubations of our outer planets, but until wey venture outside of the system, it is all speculation.

  107. who ever wrote this article has not done enough research. The planet that is refered to as Nidiru has been seen by nasa satalites and earth based telescopes. Go look at the NASA website. The planet may not bring the mythical implications that the Sumarians wrote of, but it is in an orbital path headed for our solar system. Not only NASA but other scientists who are far more advanced in integral calculus than the writer of this article have predicted the orbit of this planet to interfere with our solar system. I hate it when I see people draw conclusions with out really doing the research and paying attention to facts that are cited from irrefutable sources. Do your damn research and that goes for both skeptics and non skeptics. I am really thinking about printing this page and pissing on it cuz that is about all it is worth. The auther has obviously not researched the facts. He or she just tried to debunk this based off the the mythical implications and there are far more scientific facts that point towards this planet causing a disterbance.

  108. your resistence is futal–we will return–you will bowel down as slaves–and we require mineral gold from your planet–dna is about to be extracted–in your earth year2012 our agreement is concluded

  109. For every person who believes in Nibiru or pole shifts there is one person who believes it’s nonsense…..why should I believe those who disbelieve….you have no more proof of this not occuring than those who believe it will. All I know is humanity cannot continue on the path is has been on….something will change to make us start over…I believe we have started over many times before.

  110. Even Jesus Christ do not know the end of
    the world, except God the father, creator of the Universe.

  111. Ang Ang Ang aku sayang sekali…
    DO RA E MON….

    Baling” bambu !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Nibiru, Ni is U, and Biru is blue, so Nibiru is U Blue !!!
    if u laugh, u r doomed !!!
    especially for indonesian !!

  112. whatever it happen or not..
    leave ur bads !

    read Al-Qur’an .. and reborn as peaceful moslem..

    there will be hell and heaven after doomsday that cannot be specificly predicted by any theory or prophecy..

    but it get closer to us..

    u make choice..

    (sorry for my bad english)

  113. WE ARE ALL GOING TO DIE. If you follow a religion believing your going to be rewarded, salvation, heavan as well as damnation/torture/etc…but only one can be RIGHT!….so how about live your life the best you can..REGARDLESS if there is a god, or Nibiru, Annunaki, and Colliding Worlds or any kind of “group” such as scientology, freemasons, christianity, nordic worship…who cares….just live the next five years in peace…..just like Y2k,
    time to wake up…….

  114. When we think about Nibiru many want to get excited because as much as we love our loved ones, we are tired of living sinful, mundane and routine existences not knowing if we will go to our eventual graves believing that we are alone with our hopes for ever seeing righteousness and a paradise. We are like sheep trapped on the planet with wolves (the worst and most hopeless of us who prey on our lives, beliefs, joys, pain, etc.)
    We need and want to believe that we’re not alone, in a pacifier, an avenger giving us the sense that something, someone will right all that we see is wrong until we don’t see wrong any more, until death.

  115. What in the world is up with all these comments containing spelling and grammar that range from sad to unintelligible?? I can forgive those with limited English, but that shouldn’t include those who surely were taught it as their first language! And why does every nut job who feels the need to swear rather than use reason to make a point always land on such comment posts? Don’t know if it’s gods, aliens, or mysterious planets, but most of the comments on here are perfect evidence something or someone needs to help out humanity!

  116. How much evidence do the non believers need. The bible talks about a comet impacting the earth(in revelations), Nostradomas(please excuse my spelling) predicted that a comet would impact the earth. It’s obvious to me that if your happy with the world the way it is, with all the greed, coruption and other evils, you are in fact evil.

  117. i hope a rock sized jupiter will fall right upon your head, creating a massive catasthropic disaster to your brain..

    (ups, maybe i just get a little bit hyperbolic)

    c’mon, it’s all about theories. if there isnt any fact that come up with. i truly believe that thing was a fake

  118. All these doomsayers might be in for earning a buck, however the part that gets me is the crop circles in England last year (2008), and specific reference to the Mayan calendar was made. Now some might say these circles are a hoax, however there is too much evidence stating their authenticity. I am not saying that i am a believer, but i would really like to know what is due to happen…. can’t we move the date to after Christmas?

  119. Nice well rounded article. I had read about the 1984 and 1993 discoveries on one of the many “Planet X == Nibiru” sites, and it was refreshing to read about the whole thing from a not-so-bias-point-of-view.

    I’ll be sure to send you a Happy New Year card come 2013.

  120. i think you have to take into consideration that black holes were hypathetical until they were found. i think what science has to teach us is just because you cant see it doesn’t mean its not there! einsteins equations allow the existance of white holes as well as black but because we havn’t found one doesn’t mean its not there. so i think everyone should just agree to disagree untill march 15th when we are all supposed to be able to see it.

  121. When i read the article and comments i hoped to see some detailed answers like;
    It is only 4 years left for the event and as a simple calculation of the orbit considering the information or manuscripts before thousands of years, and giving a reference point in space, the orbit should be almost complete so, the location of the Planet -X (i love the name) is to be calculated easily. Somebody should be knowing the orbit, or some amateur astronomers like me should be seeing it by now. It must be very close to solar system.

    Or else the orbit is very big and the speed of the Planet X is very fast that it will appear immediately on 2012…
    So the creatures living on this planet should really be very advanced to survive living on a planet traveling on a planet like this….
    see you on 2013:)

  122. To anybody who belives I mean come on?
    Who will listen to such a stupid thing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  123. Erm… I agree with SAYS up there. Therer is no way the worlds gonna end. The other day, i had a panic attack over this, So STOP SAYING IT WILL!!!!!! although the planet x thing got me a bit worried

  124. erm i wish that a planet would fall on your head to say something crazy like ” the worlds gonna end”. Oh wait IT ALREADY DID!

  125. nibiru/planet x doomsday theory has some truth in it because the bible describes of heavenly bodies being shaken in the last days… but Jesus teaches us that no one knows the time of the end except the Father (Matthew 24:36), so for anyone to come up with a date is not biblical. but the end is not yet because the gospel has to be preached in all the world…and then the end will come.(Matthew 24:14). by the time meteors as large as a mountain will hit earth, all worshippers of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ would no longer be here. (1 Thessalonians 4:16-5:2) believe it or not. btw, this is gr8 article. god bless u!!!

  126. You’re a tithead, Panoyski. The Bible has more holes in it than Swiss Cheese on a shooting range. I’d encourage you to find a better lie to put your energy into believing. The human race is going to come to an end at some point, but not now. No way. The same applies for the Earth – it’s pretty hard to destroy a ball of rock and iron this big outright.

    Elise, you’re a boob of galactic proportions too by the way.

  127. Think what you want. My time is coming. Ever wonder why the Catholic Church took such drastic measures to fight heresy? What could these people be saying? What did they know? How was Mary impregnated when she was a virgin? Could it possibly be by an implanted embryo with the first human to have the logic sector of their brain? Could eat me drink me possibly be Jesus spreading the bacteria with the gene’s to rewrite our DNA so that our brains will begin to develop much faster? Isn’t it unusual how much technology we have developed over the last two thousand years as compared to the two thousand years before? Does it seem like someone decided to fast forward mankind? Humans who think they are right, are wrong. Humans who question everyday of their existance, don’t worry, you’re answer is coming. But keep fighting and arguing, it’s funny to see how everyone has their answer but it’s not until you put them ALL together when it will be logical.

    Post Script: Please I want all Christians, Jews, and Muslims who read this to go study their faith. Then maybe you will realize if you take out the nonsense that only a small child would believe then you will come to this inevitable answer, there are others out there! The idea of God defies EVERYTHING. This being that knows all does all sees all smells all feels all hears all prayers COME ON! Are you 12? You are stealing the credit from our true creators and making them regret ever freeing us. For my final message I share this: Doomsday is coming, but not for all. Only to those who aren’t fully evolved and on the level of our creators. Creator has no respect for human life, read the old testament. Anyone who opposes is a waste of matter. Those who don’t, our creator needs us. Though they are much more intelligent, we are much stronger. Together the Time Of Prosperiety will soon be upon us!

  128. First off i dont see how this has anything to do with “god” or the bible, but i guess it was expected to find comments like these. Logically, the idea of Nibiru seems farfetched, but, logically, i see no evidence disproving it either, and therefore even if its a stretch i wouldnt completely wipe it out just because it would make the mind happy. Im not going to worry about it until there is evidence to disprove or prove this.

  129. Ok…even if nothing happens, and god help us all if it really does, but even if it doesn’t, can you really sit there and tell me that people as a whole are not going to freak out?? I dont know…right around the 20th of Dec. 2012?? So, no mass chaos, or religous pscyho nut jobs aren’t going to come out of the wood works?? Now if you don’t believe what the Sumarian tablets say, then maybe you should read them one more time just to make sure….hmmmm…makes me wonder what is really going to happen a year or so before Dec 21, 2012….

  130. its not bullshit, i am from Nibiru and have been here for the last 200 years setting everything up so that you will bow down and worship us when we return in full force. oh yes, you’ll see. mmmmmmurah ha ha ha. fools.

  131. abeeee lodu saale ,,,gaandu ki aulaad …iss duniya mein kuch bhi ho sakta hai jaise mein teri gaand mar kar bhag jau to tujhe pata ni chalega samjha loduuu saale

  132. this is all bs…? really? that would explain y i can live without breathing and i feed off of human blood…

  133. Projects like Nibiru, Giants, Fallen Angels …. are all government agenda tries to wipe off the basis of the religion in people, make them scared and demand more security and rescue so that they can propose their nwo agenda.

  134. This is the first time I commented here and I should say you provide us genuine, and quality information for bloggers! Great job.
    p.s. You have an awesome template for your blog. Where have you got it from?

  135. I agree with “himmpissed”

    Believe in Almighty God, forget about any nonce Nibiru, you people are insecure because of your lack of faith in Almighty God.

  136. all ur comments are absolutely logical dude!
    these doomsday idiots twist science and make some hocus focus .
    really if any change comes in 2012 then it should be the eradication of these doomsday prophets!!

  137. I love how when some people can’t wrap their minds around something, they bring religion into it. Scientists are actually DOING something to study the outer realms of our planet, not specifically to this article. What do religious people do? Read the bible, go to church, then believe everything they take in from that and further separate themselves from reality, basing everything on one supreme being. How convenient.

  138. if planet X (Niboo or Nibiru ) could been seen you would need to be on the south poll looking towards the sun to see it at all .but at this time it has not been seen as of yet because its cumming from the other side of are gas giant the sun , if its true more then likely you wont see it until summer or fall of 2010 as it slowly moves in to are planetary system ,at this point the giant planet with its own system of moons are going to pull on other body’s (planets and there moons in a solar system ) creating tidal waves ,higher then normal water levels in are oceans and earth tremors all over the globe as the earth will be in its gravity well, all hell could break loose ,some think that this has happen before and well keep happening every 26,000 years as in 2012 ,mite I add this year(2012) are solar system will be in the galactic center of are universe just the same as the the Mayans had wrote on then own calender of thousands of years before .
    some think its the end ,,but I think it more like a new beginning for humanity its happen before and it will happen again and again ,are magnetic polls on the planet may shift or revers its field polarity and millions could parish from this but if we survive this and keep are technology run will be ok ,but another thing is going to happen 2012 the sun it self could be changing the sun is on a 11 year cycle and it shows through sun spots the sun it self changes, reversing it own magnetic flow from + to – to -to+ every 11 years this in concatenation with Plant X could or may spell are doom.

  139. if we all die we all die lol personaly l think this is true in a way and in a nother way l think this is all bullshit because the secend coming of jeuses like come on get a fucking life and who ever you are stufigudios BRING IT ON try to take over this world bitch we are waiting

  140. is it really true that the planet nibiru will come pass by the earth and the impact of it is in the orbit of the earth..and the earth will stop on rotating for three days…i’m not good in my english…

  141. is that true that year 2012 planet nibiru will appeared and will give a big disaster to earth.?

  142. Just have a bit of a think about things for a moment, ‘History repeats its’ self’ and we seem to take that for granted, until it is too late!
    When we look back through the ages, ‘events’ have happened, some were recorded, some were passed down through story or myth and most recent in the ‘modern era’ (200 years) have been ‘found’ though scientific research in search of answers’!
    By using all of the above methods though the ages, that yes there were ‘dinosaurs’, an ‘ice age’ and so on. But for these to occur meant that ‘something’ BIG had to have happened and seems to ‘HAPPEN’ every 3,600 years!
    So let’s look at that then, way back in the beginning… Dinosaurs roamed the earth after a ‘similar’ event prior, and evolving through ‘their’ 3,600 year cycle, then yet again the cycle of time and of planet X/Nibiru/dwarf planet/suns’ sister… what ever one calls it travels through its solar cycle and events happen all over again. Creating havoc, destruction, natural disasters and so on, killing ‘most’ of the life on earth during that period… only the ‘strong’ will survive!
    Then for the next 3,600 years cycle as the ‘mysterious’ multi-named planet goes back through its orbital path, the ‘strong’ who have survived, evolve from their surroundings, utilize new adaptations in their way of life… man now included in this era/period. Story telling of events helps man to adapt better and learns new ‘skills’ from means of survival with being subjected to the ‘new’ elements around him… flood, drought, famine and so on. This in turn from having to think differently allows him to survive for the next 3,600 years and develop his skills in farming, building etc, etc… right up till the point of the next 3,600 year destructive cycle!
    So now after a few maybe more 3,600 year cycles… we come to the Sumerian period, then again 3,600 years later the Egyptian period… to now ‘our’ period of the cycle, today!
    Mans advancement through the ages has been only a ‘survival’ of the strongest and fittest, from knowledge and handed down information to aid in man-kinds further and future development and from learning how to ‘adapt’ to his ‘changing’ and sometimes destructive surroundings… “do or die”?
    Now think about the ‘next 3,600 year cycle’! How will man-kind survive it this time? Well maybe some of those silly conspiracy story’s going around might not be so silly after all?
    Such as we have all heard about the underground Military bases etc etc… just think about that for a minute… You have probablly all seen Hollywood movies such as ‘Deep Impact’ and ones similar? Maybe there is a subliminal message there for all of us, but just take it for granted? I choose fact over fiction and theory for sources to answers, we all have questions… right!
    So taking into account that the US gov, NASA and Big-Wigs know more than we do… who will survive from the worlds population with the aid of those people in probable underground bunkers?… you watched it and most probably took it for granted from those subliminal messages in those Hollywood movies…. but think about, ‘it won’t be you… and it won’t be me… only a selected minority who are of ‘standard’ and of whats required for the next generation will be allowed in… this is only speculation mind you, but noted non the less!
    Why only a few? You try feeding, giving medical attention, governing a ‘mass’ population of millions… with what? (The world has just been put through a massive destructive force of natural events) . So how do the ‘chosen few’ (100’s maybe a few thousand at least?) in the bunkers survive? Stock pile of course and gathered/stored knowledge as the previous eras may have done, but don’t forget we are a ‘master race’ now, so we use fuels and technologies.
    Thinks about this, why does the US want to control all the Fuel reserves in Iraq and its neighbours? With out fuel, technology can not progress or develop further, machines stored can not work, vehicles for the future 3,600 year cycle for those chosen can not work heating and cooling equipment can not work, water filtration equipment can not work, medical equipment can not work and construction equipment for the ‘next’ generation can not work… that is why they will and have stock piles and seek ALL control of fossil fuels and oil. Am I talking ‘BS’? Some how I don’t think so… there is more to it all than meets the eye and what ‘we’ know, it just takes common sense and an ‘open mind’!
    Just think about the next generation, it will progress much quicker with the knowledge we now have as human beings/homo sapiens than any other period though history. Our brains and knowledge won’t allow us to begin again using sticks and stones for building, we have advanced way too far for that… the next generation will have new ideas and a better understanding of what is and has been happening and by advancement… will probably ‘be’ flying around in ‘hover’ cars, and futuristic machines etc etc…. THERE IS NO WAY THAT SUCH THINGS CAN BE OBTAINED IN “OUR” LIFE TIME… think about it, how and where and with what for millions of earths population to get with the times… won’t happen… but for ‘those selected few’ it will because it is more obtainable and efficient on the big scheme of things to advance for a minority rather than a majority!
    Then there will be another 3,600 year cycle… and again technology will be different and thinking will be different! But for now, what do we do, what can we do… simply, use your mind and be open mined and just think about the future! BS maybe, but again… History repeats its self… sooner than we really think!
    Also… have a think about Mars, why is this planet that is so probable to have life (fact of water and previous atmosphere) and was similar to earth dead? What collided Mars to give it a 10,000 ‘km crater impact that is almost 40% of its size?
    Something BIG happened, something upset the ‘evolution’ of life on Mars to leave it in a dead state! Really when you look at it, Mars isn’t all that far away in the big space of the universe from us and is within range of this 3,600 year cycle of Nibiru/ mysterious planet what ever it is orbital cycle… maybe during a cycle it was in it’s path? Maybe it could happen here too? Just think about it… Mars was alive once, the evidence of flowing water and lake/ocean contour lines proves this… so why is it dead? Just think about it!
    Could the ‘asteroid’ that hit the earth during the prehistoric era have been a piece from Mars’s impact during a 3,600 year previous cycle?
    Really just have a real think about things and conduct your own research and gather your thoughts… Disaster will happen again, when? Maybe soon, maybe a little later? So if this is all BS, then so has been the rest of history and man-kinds advancement… somehow I don’t think so!

  143. I am not a doomsday prophet, or believe in Religion. Religion is a made up source to suppress the truth and control the masses… thus creating orderly conduct. Besides the first true God was the sun… it was worshiped because it gave life and aided the surroundings to grow crops and man-kind could see better when it was out shining (No batteries for torches back then :P) with out fear of the unknown. Just simple and plain ‘logic’… who’s not nervous when the lights go out if trapped in a ‘wild’ dangerous environment… if you answered “your not”… your the biggest BS’r out there… Simple logic, Light creates comfort and reasurance and awareness of ‘ones’ surrounding!
    And, this forthcoming event won’t be the end of man-kind… but a new era in how man-kind ‘adapts’ himself to the cycle of events!
    Simply it is a ‘natural’ and ‘occurring’ event that has happened many times before… and will again, and again…. and again!
    ‘Evolution’ is just a process of how ‘one’ adapts change to their environment, thinking and utilization of their surroundings once ‘change’ has happened.
    Oh and another thing, why in recent years have there been so many whales beaching them selves? Could change of the times and era be part of this too?
    Not the end… just the beginning of man-kinds next phase through life… brought on by ‘natural’ disaster!

  144. Please do not worry about 2012. I had visions of the world ending, and god will not be here when it does. Someone he sends will be. I had nightmares of this as a child. I can even tell you the exact date I die, and it’s not 2012, it’s when I am 86 years old, 2 months and 12 days. Trust me, that’s way pass 2012. So don’t worry. I can explain who I am, but you won’t believe me. So pray to god and take care.

  145. Planet X is a myth, so we’re not sure if it’s real or not.
    They may have found some stuff in the Hubble Space Telescope, but it could simply be a Plutoid.
    It’s a myth people, no one’s lying to anybody.

  146. Calm Down! Dont panic! You are walking thru the valley of death, and will only find one way out – the end.

  147. where life ends ,death begins. Who really cares when, how, or why?Accept it as an inevitability and just live.

  148. I don’t really know why I feel compelled to waste my time writing this comment but since I wasted my time reading this article and most of these posts- I suppose a few more wasted moments are acceptable.

    My hope is that these words might inspire some thoughtful discussion and logical discourse concerning the topic instead of the common knee-jerk reactions that we have come to expect.

    As a scientist, what baffles me most is not how people can believe in God, aliens, or doomsday prophecies; these are all common beliefs with a great multitude of rationales supporting them. Whether the rationales for these beliefs hold up to scrutiny is a moot point. Beliefs are solely the domain of subjective interpretation and as such have little to do with to the process of objective verification.

    What bothers me is how other so-called “scientists” blatantly disregard the principles of empiricism and make proclamations that express certainty concerning these beliefs when the scientific method does not allow for such certainty to exist.

    Conclusions derived from existing data are not proof nor are they “facts” they are quite simply subjective interpretations of the collected data. Objective observations alone are “facts” (but only if they are repeatable and measurable-this is what makes them objective) The beauty of science is that it is a self-correcting system that allows for new evidence to be examined and therefore new conclusions to be drawn.

    Because conclusions are open to verification or refutation by empirical observation true scienctists should never entertain the notion that their conclusions are in anyway authoritative even if their conclusions are universally verified by the scientific community or simply fit with the most popular paradigm as is usually the case.

    This brings us to Mr. O’neill’s (or is it Dr. O’neill?) article- 2012: Planet X is not Nibiru.

    The article itself contains some very good information on KBOs and TNOs but none of this information actually addresses why the minor planet that Patryk Lykawka and Tadashi Mukai of Kobe University believe may be interacting with the Kuiper Belt does not at all fit the Sumerian descriptions of Nibiru as put forth in the work of Zecharia Sitchin.

    In fact, his treatment of “The Twelfth Planet” does not include any of the characteristics of Nibiru described in the work (size, orbital path, number of moons)-which would be necessary if one were going to compare the two alleged objects to show that they are dissimilar.

    O’neill does little more than ridicule the work based on nothing more than his own assertion, “All this may seem a little fantastical, and perhaps a little too detailed when considering it is a literal translation from 6000 year old texts.” His other argument is that, “Sitchin’s work has been disregarded by the scientific community as many of his methods of interpretation are considered imaginative at best.” How is either of those conclusions relevent to establishing the dissimilarity of two equally theoretical objects?

    Nibiru is theorized based on translations of Summerian texts-Planet X is theorized based on a mathematical simulation. How is it that a scientist can make a definitive statement that one theorized object is not the other when neither have been empirically observed nor have they even been compared on their mutually theoretical basis?

    Furthermore, his article does not explain that the theoretical position of this plutoid beyond the fringes of our solar system makes a cataclysmic visitation to our cosmic neighborhood in 2012 impossible according to our current understanding of celestial motion. Instead, he once again stoops to simple mud-slinging and baseless speculation, “In its purest form, Planet X is an unknown, theoretically possible planet orbiting peacefully beyond the Kuiper Belt…I can guarantee that doomsayers are adapting this new research to be used as support for their nonsensical theories that Planet X is in fact Nibiru, and it’s coming in our direction by 2012. Why do I get the feeling we’ll still be here in the year 2013?”

    Notice that I have not assigned any truth values in my examination. My own conclusion is that O’neill’s assertion that Nibiru and Planet X are not the same entity is correct based on the theoretical descriptions of both as I understand them. I simply feel that his presentation of this assertion is noticably lacking, his arrival at said conclusion is without a demonstrated logical foundation, and his understanding of scientific philosophy is fundamentally flawed no matter how learned he may be.

  149. Very well said Jafrumstra.
    Fair play to you for taking the time out.
    Isn t the internet such a wonderful waste of time . Well i suppose thats the whole point of it…

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