Space News for May 24, 1999

Article written: 24 May , 1999
Updated: 24 Mar , 2012

VentureStar Looks for Government Backing
Lockheed Martin has gone to Congress to find funding for its VentureStar reusable space vehicle project, after failing to get any backing from Wall Street investors. Too expensive for Lockheed Martin to develop on its own, the company needs to find billions from a variety of government and commercial financing sources.

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Skywatchers View Regulus Occultation
The moon passed in front of another bright star in the sky – this time it was Regulus, in the constellation of Leo. These eclipses, called occultations can be used by astronomers to help chart lunar features, such as craters and mountains.

Astronomy Now

Military Titan Launch Successful
After a string of failures, the US Air Force was finally able to loft a satellite on a Titan IVB rocket. Carrying a top secret spy satellite for the National Reconnaissance Office, the rocket lifted off from Vandenburg Air Force Base in California on Saturday.

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Encounter 2000 Prepares Interstellar Message
Instead of merely listening for incoming messages, a commercial project called Encounter 2000 has decided to send its message out to the stars. In addition to general information about humanity, and our understanding of mathematics, logic, and chemistry, the company is allowing private citizens the opportunity to tag their own message on the end… for a price.

Encounter 2000 Website
BBC News


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