Space News for May 25, 1999

Shuttle Ready for Launch

Engineers have repaired the hail damage to Discovery’s fuel tank, and are preparing the Shuttle for launch on Thursday. NASA officials admit they’re a little nervous about this launch, considering the recent series of launch failures.

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Suicide Mission for Lunar Prospector
With its overall mission objectives fulfilled, and budget starting to run out, officials are planning for Lunar Prospector to make the final sacrifice to prove the existence of water at the Moon’s south pole. They plan to crash the probe into the Moon, and study the ejecta for signs of water.

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ESA Approves Mars Express
The European Space Agency has given the final approval for the development of a European mission to Mars – Mars Express. With budget approval, the 14 member states will now begin development of spacecraft, which will launch in 2003.

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Indian Rocket Prepares for Launch
India’s enters the commercial launch industry with preparations to launch a series of satellites aboard its Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle on Wednesday. This first launch will carry a South Korean mini-satellite, a German Research satellite, and an Indian oceanographic remote sensing satellite.

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